Sunday, April 21, 2013


Church was wonderful this morning as we had 6 folks join today. Three couples came forward at invitation,with one for Baptism and the rest by letter or statement,may all the glory be to God !!!
We had both son's and g-son for lunch since the girls were all gone on their ladies weekend to Beaufort,SC. Daughter ,d-in-love and Claudia went to the home of daughter's friend down there for a little R&R. They got home in time for the first VBS meeting at 4:00 this afternoon.
#2 son has a good lead on the sale of his house hopefully this week.He went home to do some extra cleaning.
The weather was nice enough for outside play today with sunshine and low 60's temperatures.
G-son got out his jeep for the first run of the season. He is much better at driving this year even with one hand.

I have no idea why he is looking at the underside of the jeep but I do know that he is going to have a very strong right arm before that cast comes off his left arm.
He rode awhile then wanted me to pull him around in his wagon which I did to get some good exercise for the day.
He stayed outside all afternoon while his dad worked on their cars.
This bed or oregano below the house is ready for it's first cut maybe tomorrow. I only have a couple jars left from last year.
Everyone has been complaining because there is hardly ever any pictures of me so I guess I'll have to do this more often. Although it would be better if I wasn't squinting into the sunlight and the wind wasn't blowing my hair up.
During chores this evening I heard some extra peeps coming from the setting silkie who is due to hatch chicks tomorrow and sure enough there were at least three already hatched and drying under her. She has vigilantly sat on her eggs all through these cooler nights and hopefully will have a full hatch.
Tonight daughter came by to pick up Tipper (her dog) who has spent the weekend with us and said they had a good trip.
Thankful tonight for God's protection for my girls as they traveled and for blessing me undeservedly each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Great photo of you, Marilyn. You look SO YOUNG.... Love seeing photos of my friends.

We went hiking at Fall Creek Falls State Park today.. Had a great day.

linda m said...

I love the photo of yourself. Glad to see what you look like. What a wonderful Sunday you had. Glory to God for the six folks that joined your church. G-son is looking good as does your yard and the sunshine. Have a great day and Blessings.

linda eller said...

I praise God for folks added to the 'family' at church. Looks like your g.son had fun with his jeep. Hope you can take pictures of the chicks and share, if "moma' will allow it! Have a good week.