Monday, April 29, 2013


Another 2/10ths inch of rain overnight added to the 3 3/4 inches we already had left the bottom pasture filled with water.
The sun was shining this morning making it feel like spring has finally arrived with the temperature near 70 degrees it was an outside day.
After hubbie took g-son to school and the chores and the regular morning was done hubbie went to unload the borrowed grill from his truck. I moved some chicks around since I have been promising this little black silkie for days each time I robbed the eggs from under her and she looked at me with big sad eyes,that I would let her set. She now is sitting on 8 eggs in one of the chick condos.
I moved the first hatched chicks and their mom from there to a bigger box.
I decided that it was time to get all the plants out of the basement and house into their summer places.I think this is the latest I have ever done this!
I re-potted these four ferns, 2 of which are 2 years old and the other 2 are at least 3 years old.
This Citronella plant smells so good and I put it here to keep the mosquitoes away while we enjoy sitting on the porch.
Another very fragrant plant is this lemon oregano plant.
I stayed outside all afternoon with clouds passing over and at times looking like it would surely rain but only a light mist late in the evening slowed my spring yard cleaning and hubbie's lawn mowing duties.
As I did evening chores I noticed one of the quails had an injury to the side and top of her head and was bleeding. She was staying inside a small bird house in their cage so I couldn't get a good look but I knew it was pretty badly skinned up and by the way she was hiding from the other two quails I figured they had pecked her.
I went to the barn and found an old rabbit cage. Hubbie helped me turn it into a nice enclosure for her so she could have a chance to heal.
I moved stuff around inside my feed shed and put her in front of the window so I could keep the door shut. It will get to hot in there if the temperatures go up but looking into the next couple weeks that should not be a problem.
I hope she makes it as when hubbie and I went to get her she was laying down in the cage and the other quails had pecked more and had the blood running into her eye. If she makes it I have already told hubbie he would be building another quail cage and I will have to get her a boyfriend of her own!
I can't figure out why this happened as I have kept 2 females and 1 male together before with no problem but maybe this lady was really jealous.
D-in-love picked g-son up early from school today and took him to have his cast removed. He didn't have to put anything back on it as they said he needs to move it. He has to go back to the doctor next week for another look.
I ended a busy day sipping tea sitting on the front porch enjoying the aroma of the citronella plant and listening to the birds call to one another.
Glory to God for all the glorious creations He made for us to enjoy.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Love your ferns... I cannot keep ferns alive... I've tried but they won't last through the year with me...

Sorry about your Quail. Hope she makes it... Animals can be cruel to each other...

Hope your grandson's arm will be okay...

Nice day today after our 5-6 inches of rain!!!!


linda m said...

I love your ferns; they are so pretty. Sure hope your quail gets better. I would hate to see you lose her. I'm glad g-son is doing so well - give him a big hug. Your pasture looks like it does around here after our two weeks of rain. Stay safe. Blessings

linda eller said...

Enjoyed your plants and episode about the hen...hope she heals ok. We have sunshine for another day or two and then the rain moves back our way.