Sunday, April 28, 2013


This has pretty much been the story of our weather all day. Hard rain started early,I sloshed through mud to get the chores done then splashed through rain puddles on the way into church and out !
Today's service was a testimony from each of the ten folks that went on the mission trip last month in Turkey.  It was a touching service with the music adding very much to the praising of our Lord.
We had everyone at lunch of one of the frozen butts we smoked back in March with fresh green beans and corn from the farm outlet and mashed potatoes and slaw,yummy!!
After lunch we visited and then scattered for our own activities.
The rain has continues without stopping,I now see the rushing waters of the creek licking the tops of the creek banks and getting close to the bottom of the bridge from the front porch.

Our entire area is under flash flood warnings now.

Hubbie and I spent the afternoon relaxing and listening to the pouring rain.
To brighten a dreary afternoon I took these photos of the blooms in the yard last week.
More Azaleas are showing their colors around the yard.

This salmon colored azalea gets hidden by the bigger pink blooms.
These are one of my favorite blooms.
Just outside my back door these Lilac blossoms smell heavenly.
This Japanese Maple tree needs no blooms to be eye catching.
Some of the Blueberry plants hubbie moved to hopefully a better location are blooming already.
The wild plants are putting on a spring color show also. As Dogwood trees dot the woods around our farm.
The Fleabane daisys are putting out their dainty blossoms.
And this tough little Shamrock blooms and blooms no matter how much of it I pull up out of my walkways.
Green can be a beautiful color also as I love how this ground cover has escaped the container and is spreading throughout this bed.
Hosta are attractive plants long before they put out their small blossoms.
And the green pastures are amazing to look out over this time of year after the drabness of winter.
Spring time in these NC mountains is awesome and is truly an example of God's love for us.
After chores this evening I emptied another 2 3/4 inches of rain from the gauge bringing the total since it started raining yesterday just before noon to 3 3/4 inches and it is still coming down but not as hard tonight.
Aaron brought the cattle up to the upper pasture just before dark,not taking a chance on leaving them in the flood prone lower pastures.
We are definitely getting the ground water levels up for the summer dry season this year.
I am thankful tonight for my wonderful church family and for the amazing graciousness of our Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

We've had rain-rain-rain also.. The TV news tonight said that we got 4 inches today and 2 inches yesterday... GOSH--that's the most rain we've had at one time in a long time... There was some flooding in certain areas (and we all had flood watches) --but no problems here on the mountain.

Beautiful colors at your home... Our Azaleas haven't bloomed yet.

Our hostas are doing great so far ---and hopefully, we'll have lots of lilies, daylilies and roses fairly soon.

Have a great week.

linda eller said...

We had heavy rain coupled with the hail, wind, etc. I hesitated about going to church, but He let the rain slow and I was able to go. Am also thankful for a good church and church family. My Pastor had been gone for 3 weeks, but was back and we had a wonderful day and he was so happy to be back in his pulpit. Hope your Monday is a good one! Loved the pictures of the beauty of your area.

linda m said...

You all are getting the rain we had the last two weeks. It is very nasty and caused a lot of flooding around here. Please stay safe. Your flowers look very pretty; can't wait for ours to start blooming. Blessings