Tuesday, April 9, 2013


After getting g-son to school I took a nice long walk in the lower pasture. Annie,Sadie and Flash got to tag along.
Annie trys to coax Flash in for a dip in the creek.
No way is he getting in that cold , deep water !!
Love the way the morning sun sparkles in the water.
Across the creek the berry farmers are gearing up for another season.
They use these tunnels to protect the berries from heat ,cold ,hail and wind during the growing season.
As I walked in the warm sunshine it  felt really good to be in capris and a t-shirt instead of weighted down with a coat and hat.
My walk is getting more colorful each day. This ornamental Peach tree is really pretty.
The real peach and pear trees are putting out quite a few blooms even after the cold weather.

I spent the morning doing housework and 3 loads of laundry.  In hopes that we have had our last wood stove fire I vacuumed all the mess from around the downstairs wood stove. I have been dreading this job and am glad it is done. Even with the shop vac it is hard to keep the dust from getting all over everything down there including me and my sinus' .
After lunch I went outside for a run, last week the doctor said she thought my knees would be fine with a little jogging. I love the energized feeling running gives me,although I surely don't get up to the speeds I used to.
This illustration is spot on for me !!
Our weather today felt like summer instead of spring with a temperature of 81 degrees I was sweating out there.
Good news for the second little setting Silkie hen as one of her eggs had hatched this evening. Hopefully more of them made it through the cold but at least she will get to be the mother she has patiently waited over 3 weeks to be.
Hubbie planted the onion sets he bought today this evening,we now have plenty of onions !!
God has been so good to me and with all the blessings He showers me with each day I humbly and prayerfully thank him.
Tonight I am also praying for the young missionary couple who are friends with my daughter who were stationed in a town in Africa as they have had to be evacuated because of the danger to their lives.
Good Night and God Bless.


jean pell said...

We also had a warm day. I enjoyed your walk! I love your area.
I also am very blessed.
Prayers to the young couple. Hope they remain safe.

linda eller said...

Also so thankful for warmer temps and lots of sunshine. Praying for the missionary couple. We dont realize how blessed we are, until we hear of others in harms way.

linda m said...

I enjoyed your walk. Very Spring like. We are having our third straight day of rain and now the flooding begins. Ground is at saturation point. My sump pump hasn't stopped running for over 2 hours. Blessings