Wednesday, April 17, 2013


A phone call from #1 son about 2am let me know that they were on their way home and g-son was alright. He wouldn't wake up from the sedative for re-setting his elbow enough for the nurses to let him go but finally he drank some water and talked enough for them to let him go home. Bless his heart I'm sure he was just really tired after being up since 6am and having all this excitement.
I had a hard time getting back to sleep as it was too hot in our bedroom. I hated to make noise of opening a window because I didn't want to wake hubbie.
This morning was cloudy and warm as if welcoming stormy weather. After feeding animals I spent the morning inside doing today's housework duty. After lunch I baked 6 caramel and 1 pound cake,barely getting the ovens cut off before a surprise thunderstorm rocked our area.
That dark orange blob on the NC/SC line flared up right on top of us and sat there for over an hour. These storms caused all kinds of warnings across the country as they sprang up this afternoon.
Guess we can count ourselves very fortunate tonight as we only saw thunder/lightening and hard rain in our area. That white area is snow and in some places "lots of snow" !!
In our yard the downpour of 1" of rain caused both front and back yards to become rivers.

#1 son called and after spending all afternoon at a pediatric orthopedic center in Asheville with g-son having a MRI to make sure there were no bone fragments to cause future damage in his elbow and getting a hard cast on his left arm they were finally on their way home to rest.

#1 son took the rest of the week off to take g-son to school and take care of him.
Thanks for all the prayers for him and I am so thankful that no further surgery was needed.
Reports are that he was a real strong little trooper all through this.  Funny thing that less than a month ago one of his church friends and school classmates fractured her elbow falling off a trampoline and he now has a cast that looks just like her's did.  He is ready to go back to school tomorrow to show his cast off and tell his story !!
After the rain stopped I did some raking repair jobs in our yards and then fed the wet animals so they would have full stomachs before they were shut in their houses to dry out.
I did the weekly paperwork early tonight and then iced my caramel cakes before we watched Survivor on TV.
Daughter came by on her way home from church to pick up some racks for her baking supplies she is baking for tomorrow.
This has been a blessing filled day for our family and I am humbly grateful to our Heavenly Father tonight for His grace and love.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy Adams said...

Sorry to read that your grandson fractured his elbow... Bless his heart. BUT--he'll get lots of attention for awhile...

We had severe storm warnings all around us today--but actually got almost nothing here. We had a tiny bit of rain -but not even much of that... Crazy!!!! (But I'm glad we didn't get anything severe.)