Saturday, April 6, 2013


Woke to a cool,36 degree, but beautiful morning. We got to market on time today but there was no rush getting set up as no customers were there yet.
Today was better than Thursday but still pretty slow.  Daughter came in after she attended a ladies class at church and stayed for awhile.
At least I don't have on a heavy sweater today for a change.
After market I stopped at Ace Hardware to have some keys made, at Harris Teeter for some special BBQ sauce that no one else has and at Walmart to pick up some baking supplies for next Thursday.
I made it home around 4:00. Hubbie and #1 son were just finishing getting the lawn mowers serviced and ready for the season.
We got unloaded and got things put away and I had to get outside for some of the nice sunshine. I re-filled all the bird feeders and pulled some grass from the gravel patios.
Hopefully spring has made an appearance, at least for the next week !!!
Although these temps are too late I'm afraid for my early blooming plum trees that are filled with dead and dying blossoms.
There may be a few scattered fruits here and there,that is unless we get more freezing temps.
During chores I heard a distinct peeping sound and checked the two setting silkies,finding one little chick so far under one of them. Both these hens had the hard job of keeping their eggs warm during all the cold nights of the last three weeks. Today was 21 days for the one that has the chick so that is a good sign.
I don't have much hope for the other hen that is 21 days tomorrow because she has her eggs spread out and some have periodically gotten out from under her.
Hubbie and I spent a restful Saturday night catching glimpes of the final four ballgames. We don't know anything about any of these teams so the games aren't very interesting to us.
God is my guiding light always and I find comfort in His love each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

Our large plums were bitten last year. Hope we have a few for this year.

That weather chart is looking good. I can wait to sweat, pick ticks and swat mosquitoes.

linda eller said...

It was a beautiful day here yesterday and am looking forward to the coming week with even warmer temps. Hope the trees will bare for you this year and not killed.