Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Up early to welcome 2 little boys instead of just g-son today. The friend from church who brought her son who is in g-son's class at school and a good friend of g-son's during the snow day we had several weeks ago brought him back today. She needs to work and during spring break it is hard to find babysitters for school age kids.
I had made my yearly physical appointment several weeks ago for this day forgetting it was spring break so I called in daughter who was glad to handle these boys for a little while.
My doctor's appointment went better than expected. With the weight I have lost also went blood pressure and cholesterol readings. Blood pressure last year 140/80, today  120/62 !!  Cholesterol total last year 210, today 202 with bad cholesterol also dropping and good going off the chart according to the doc !!  Amazing feeling when she said that a lot of women half my age would kill for the numbers I have !!
On my way home I grabbed a salad at Chick-fil-la and then stopped by Foam and Fabric in Fletcher to check for daughter some chevron patterned material for covering some porch pillows and get me some pellon to stiffen my bonnet bills. I love to shop around in there as they have bunches of bins of different things that are priced by the pound instead of the yard. I found some pillow covers by the pound,a couple will match daughter's decor perfectly.Didn't find any dark brown chevron print or much of anything else.
I delivered a chocolate cake on the way home and got here in time to feed the chickens more kale and take a short break before daughter brought the boys back while she went home to stain her back deck today.
These guys never slowed down all day,even when they said they were tired and needed a rest something always re-sparked their interest and they were off again.

Little boys "you gotta luv em"  !!

#1 son picked up g-son first to go to his first soccer practice and N's mom came after him a short time later to go get a haircut.
Hubbie and I did chores and watched the news. Another cold front is dropping into our area on Thursday and Friday bringing rain and maybe sleet.
The high today was 58 with sunshine but tonight it is supposed to get to 30.
Talked to son tonight and he said g-son enjoyed his soccer practice, I hope he finds something he likes and feels comfortable doing.
Very thankful to God tonight for my good report at the doc's office and for the blessings of kids who help to keep me feeling young.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Yeah for little boys. I raised three of them.. (Wonder how I did it???? ha)

Cold here tonight.. We had some sleet... Gonna go down to about 30 tonight... BUT--they say we'll warm up this weekend. YEAH! I'm SO ready!

Glad your physical went so well... Proud of you!


linda m said...

Congratulations on your results of your physical. we are all very proud of you. Boys will be boys!!! haha