Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Up and at it early with g-son,sleeping much better last night because I was so tired.
After getting him to school I took a walk in the bottom pasture in the already almost 70 degree heat,that's waaaaayyy too hot for this time of year here. And the weather wizards are predicting severe storms for tomorrow night as a cold front coming across the country clashes with our hot temps right on top of us.
I talked to sis-in-law for awhile this morning, we don't talk as often as we should and then have to spend quite a while catching up with each other's family.
I did housecleaning and then had lunch before starting my cake baking duties. I only made 6 caramel cakes today as Thursday business is still very slow.
After a jog and a short cool down break I went down to check on the new baby girl,little Evy. Oh my goodness she looks like she has grown 2" since Sunday when I saw her last. She was sleeping peacefully and mom was doing great and said she was feeling very good. We had a nice visit before I had to leave to pick up g-son from school.
On the way home we stopped at church to put the re-freshed bouquet of daffodils back out for tonight's service. I brought them home Monday and kept them in a cool place,pulling out the browning ones each day leaving a still large very pretty bouquet.
At home I got g-son settled in with some mac and cheese then went to do some sewing. I got one of the towel aprons made before I was called to read a new library book with him !!
I found a couple towels that I had bought last year for this purpose but never got around to making aprons. It is hard to find printed towels anymore. There was a lady years ago in market that only sold towel aprons and she did really good but she had really pretty flowered towels that you can't find anymore.
I did evening chores then iced cakes before watching Survivor on TV.
Then there was eggs to wash and the weekly paperwork and bills to be payed. Leading me to realize that I hadn't done the month ending March business report yet. With quarterly taxes due it was hard to figure an amount without March in the books so I accomplished that feat also before bedtime.
We slept with the windows open and the ceiling fan on and now I'm remembering all those complaints about cold weather and how I wished it would hurry and warm up. Can we ever be satisfied ????  Be careful what you wish for !!!!
God's in control all the time and I can rest in the peace and comfort of His will.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

"Being careful about what you wish for" certainly is way up there on my list. I wanted warmer weather and no more snow. So I'm not getting the snow but I am getting rain and lots of it. Oh well, God works in mysterious ways. Blessings

linda eller said...

Love the apron idea. I agree, man is never satisfied with the weather, their weight, etc. God is still in control and we just have to lean on Him.

Gail said...

Hope the storms are gentle and leave only the rain you need.