Sunday, April 14, 2013


A cloudy cool morning greeted us this Sunday. I am lazy on Sunday mornings and always try to give myself a break from my regular getting-up routine. Lounging under the nice warm covers today dozing and just enjoying the fresh cool air from the open windows and the warm little body of Dolly who was snuggled down under the covers pressed against my thigh was a perfect day to begin a Lord's day.
The flowers I took in today were really beautiful and several folks wanted to know what kind they were,luckily I had asked Mary yesterday for the names.
We had a nice service and then took a standing vote on our new choir director. It wasn't a unanimous vote but there were only about 4 voices against him which I think was less than expected. Change is always scary,especially to the older choir members. Like I say from time to time on here as I get older it is harder to adjust to new schedules or deal with new changes. But we all survive and looking back most of the time it isn't nearly as bad as we imagine it will be.
A  lunch bunch of only #1 son's family and daughter today for our roast beef,corn, green beans,rice dressing and sweet potato fries.
Daughter and hubbie headed over to her house after lunch to wash her gutters and some of the siding on the front of the house.
I had some alone time this afternoon on this cloudy day to go through my photos for April decade pics which I am late getting around to.
My maternal grandmother was born on April 24,1893. These are two of the very few pictures I have of her.

These old graduation photos of my aunt Hattie,my mom's younger sister were dated April 1943. I guess back then graduation must have been in April. This first photo is the graduates in front of Edneyville school. When I went to school this same school was my elementary school.I played my high school basketball in the gym in the right side background of the picture (the taller building). I attended highshool in a new highschool building that was built behind this old building.
This is my aunt Hattie in her cap and gown.
As I continued my search through the older photos I also ran across this picture from April 1953 of my dad (pointing) and my uncle Anderson who was my aunt Hattie's husband.
There was a large gap after 1953 with no April photos until I had kids which is a longer post for later!
I do wonder with Easter traditionally in the month of April why no one ever took any Easter photos.
Thankfully my aunt Hattie was a shutterbug like I am so at least I have some old pics.
This evening the rain threat increased and I spent time watching darkness fall out in the sunroom covered with a warm blanket. No rain before dark but the temperature is dropping steadily and the rain is on our doorstep as I write this at 9:00.
I am off to work on another photo project now of getting the last pack of prints into albums.
Thanking God for a blessing filled day and for the grace He shows me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda eller said...

I wanted to snuggle down yesterday morning too, but more importantly, I want to go to church. You got a new choir leader, and we lost a youth director, but as you say, in the long run, it all evens out. God knows best in all situations. Love your old to think back.

linda m said...

I love your old pictures. Mine bring back so many fond memories of a simpler time. Blessings

Betsy Adams said...

Great old photos, Marilyn... I've been working on Family History all week ---and loving it!!!!! I took a week off of blogging --so I could have more time to do other things...

Sounds like you all had a good week.. We've got quite a bit of spring here now --hooray!!! You will have to check out today's blog post.