Saturday, April 27, 2013


Woke up happy to see no rain falling as predicted. Although the clouds hung low and it looked like rain would start any minute we got the van loaded and made it to market without a drop on us. Hubbie has the large grill he borrowed from his workplace to cook the burgers and hotdogs on last night in the back of his truck so he had to leave it in the dry barn today. He decided since the day was going to be a wash out eventually he would just go with me and loaf around town while I was at market.
I had a decent day considering the nasty day after the rain began pouring down just before noon.
After market hubbie and I stopped by Subway for a late lunch. This Subway borders one of our county parks and while we ate we watched the geese and ducks enjoying the rainy afternoon.
I snapped these pics out the window.

We made one stop at Aldi and then came home soaked and cold to unload and get warm.
I made a hot cup of tea and snuggled with my 4-legged kids for a while. It felt good on a day like this with the temperature at 51 for the high.
After a quite afternoon and getting soaked again doing the evening feeding chores I was very glad to be inside for the evening. Daughter called to see if I wanted to go out to the high school to watch their Wizard of Oz play but I just couldn't drag myself back out. With this 7-day forecast it looks like I might be spending a lot of time inside.
I emptied an inch of rain from the gauge at chore time.
To finish out my April decade pictures I found some scenes from our farm in April 2003.
This first one is of our old faithful dog Willie who passed away just a couple years ago.
These are some of our animals that year.

Daughter called to say how good the play was tonight and now I wish I had gotten out and went with her, but oh well !!
The rains have stopped pouring outside for a brief break so maybe the creek won't flood tonight.
I can't believe there is only 3 more days in April,where did this month go ??
I am trying to slow down and take more time to "smell the roses" in hopes that the passing of time wll slow a bit, but so far I don't think it is working !!
My new housework schedule is working out much better and giving me more time each day to enjoy the things I love to do like bird watching and just enjoying being outside in nature.
In the past I have tried to get the housecleaned and the laundry done all in one day and then it would take me 2 days to get over my sore muscles. I now work in certain rooms on 3 different days and I know I do a much better job because the task doesn't seem so daunting. I hate to admit sometimes that I can't do what I used to do but I am finding out that I'm much better off usually when I do admit it !!!
I am blessed with the love of Jesus Christ and try to do my best each day to let Him lead me through the day in His will.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Rain--rain---rain here also... It rained most of the night and most of the day. We are under a flood watch...They say we have more rain coming during the night and some tomorrow... We've had about 2 inches so far--and they say we may end up with 4 inches... Goodness!!!!

I agree as to where has April gone.... Mercy---seems to have flown by!!!!

Hope you don't have any flooding problems.

linda eller said...

We have had rain now for 2 days and nights and counting. I awoke this morning to heavy wind, hail, and rain. It will be that way all day and fun to run from car to church and back.......NOT!

Gail said...

I will be proud of the rain especially after last year's drought. I hope we do not see that again.