Friday, April 19, 2013


My alarm radio blared the news of the shooting of one of the Boston bombing suspects this morning. They are brothers and the youngest one escaped during a gun fight so the entire town of Boston and surrounding areas have been shut down and all traffic in or out has come to a stand still.
These are the 2 suspects.
These brothers are from Russia and are Muslims.
I went though a rainy,windy morning doing chores and then worked inside on housework and cake baking while the TV station carried minute to minute reports of this manhunt.
I decided to downsize the amount I was baking today as the weather reports for tomorrow aren't great and it is also the day of the annual Steeplechase in nearby Tryon,NC.
I only baked 3 caramel,3 chocolate and 1 pound cake  to hopefully have a decent market day in spite of the weather and other activities.
In other sad news after the plant explosion in Texas 12 more bodies have been recovered and now over 200 injured are being cared for.
Just after lunch more heavier rain and harder winds moved in. Here is the map of the cold front moving toward our area.

I should have exercised but with my sore back and my elbow tendonitis still bothering me a bit I decided against the much needed exercise routine for today. Instead I sewed some more aprons that I had cut out.
I finished this last towel apron.
When I was rummaging around in my sewing shop a couple weeks ago I found 2 sets of toy kitchen tools. I used to make these cute little girls aprons and filled them with the small plastic tools. I stopped being able to find the little tools so haven't made any of these aprons in a couple years. I was glad I found these 2 sets.
As I finished the aprons the rain became harder again just as hubbie came home from work.
Daughter came by and brought her baked things for tomorrow.
I waited for a break in the rain to do the evening chores. One of my little female quails is in the little house I have in the cage and hasn't come out in a couple days. I am hoping she is nesting.
I poured another one inch of rain from the gauge today. At least it has been a slow soaking rain all day.
The weathermen keep lowering the temperature for tonight, now it is 36 degrees.
Breaking news came through tonight that the second bombing suspect has been captured alive.
He was hiding out in a covered boat just outside the secured perimeter area and was found when the owner went outside his house this evening and spotted blood on the boat cover.

He had been apparently wounded in the shoot out last night and was bleeding badly when he crawled into the boat through a zippered opening. When the lock down was lifted and residents were told they could go outside this evening because the authorities thought the bomber had eluded them and escaped, this older gentleman went out in his yard and noticed the blood on the boat cover. He actually climbed a latter and looked into the boat and saw the suspect laying there. He ran back inside and called police. They surrounded the boat and took the suspect into custody,rushing him to a local hospital desperately trying to save his life for the information he might be able to give them. No one is relaxing until it is known if these two were working alone or if they are part of a terror network in our country.
Tonight I iced my cakes and washed the eggs.  Getting ready to snuggle down with my 4-legged kids for a cold night.
Grateful to God tonight for His blessings for our entire country tonight as justice is done,may it glorify His name.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda eller said...

We were told it is dogwood winter, and at 32 degrees this morning, they may be right! America is once again safe...for now. Praying they can get the info they need to continue to protect us. Have a nice Saturday.