Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Frost greeted g-son and I as we headed for school this morning. The frost warnings were only for the Tennessee river valley counties but I guess Jack Frost isn't good at obeying the weather wizards predictions.
Lucky for me and my plants they are still in the basement,I haven't gotten brave enough to put them outside yet.
After chores I spent the cool morning inside doing laundry and housework until lunchtime.
After lunch it was warmed up and the sunshine felt really good at 69 degrees so I washed outside windows and worked in the yard awhile.
I took a rest and did some bird watching. And boy am I glad I did !!
I had this fellow, a Brown Headed Cowbird fixed in my lens waiting for him to get in the sunlight so the drastic brown/black color contrast could be seen.
A movement in the same tree on a different branch caught my eye and when I turned the camera lens I was very surprised to see this Rose-Breasted Grosbeak checking me out.
It was a beautiful bird and I think we are a bit out of his range but I'm glad he stopped by to surprise me and have a snack.

This little White-Throated Sparrow has become a regular.
I have all kinds of sparrows in my yard and it is always fun to identify all the different ones. Below  is the  White Crowned Sparrow, you can definitely see where it gets it's name !!
And of course my yard is always colorful with a bunch or bright red Cardinals flitting around.
I reluctantly put away my camera and went to pick up g-son this afternoon.
After he had his mac and cheese we headed outside to play. I got his jeep and wagon out of the shed and while he rode around the driveway up to the barn and down I got my stuffing from the sewing shop and sat out in the shade and stuffed 10 apple cushions for Saturday. G-son wanted to try stuffing one and he did a pretty good job with his one hand while I held the pillow open.
His dad came and hubbie got home from work about the same time. We all came inside and watched the early news cast.
As I did chores I could feel the temperature dropping steadily headed only for the mid 40's tonight hopefully.
Hubbie sat out the cabbage plants we bought yesterday while I cut my oregano  for the first time this year and put it out to dry downstairs. I jarred the rest of the dried oregano from last fall to replenish my supply at market. The basement smelled so good with all the fresh oregano sitting around to dry.
I need to catch up my decade photos for this month and tonight I have some April 1983 pics to share.
The Easter bunny payed a visit to our house on April 3rd that year.
#1 son was 17 months old and full of wonderment about everything at that age. Love these facial expressions.

And he goes for the tractor of course !!

Later his grandmother gave him this Easter bunny.
This is our family that year with #2 son only 1 month old at that time.

Later in the month big brother takes little brother for a stroll !
As I post these pictures of #1 son I think of how he looked this afternoon when he came to get his son who is now much older than he was in these pics and my mind reels with the quickness of the passage of time. My oh my how things have changed around here,not only on our farm but in our town and community.
I am even more glad that I started this blog and hope to keep blogging as time passes to attest to the changes that will come in the future.
Tonight I watched darkness fall sitting out in the sunroom watching the bird feeders but didn't get another glimpse of the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.
Hubbie's traps came up empty from last night so he re-baited and added more tonight.
Now he thinks we have an opossum making rounds under our porch so a live trap is set up for him.
He is blaming all the spilled birdseed for bringing the foragers close to the house but I'm not going to take my feeders down !!
Grateful to my Heavenly Father for all the blessings of today and for His guidance each day.
Good Night and God Bless


linda m said...

I am so happy to hear you have a new bird hanging around - that is always exciting. I saw a brown thrasher for the first time yesterday. The family photos are so precious. Good luck with the "trapping". And I am with you on not taking down the feeders. God's Blessings to you.

linda eller said...

The birds are so pretty and you sure got good pictures. Have a happy Wednesday.