Thursday, April 4, 2013


UHhhh!!!! Getting back into the seasonal routine is hard this yucky,cold, rainy morning. To make matters worse I didn't sleep well last night,kept waking up with a stopped up nose from all the dust I breathed in at the flea market yesterday.
I finally made it to market about 15 minutes late but I didn't miss anything as the flow of customers was very few this morning in this nasty weather.
This is my van thermometer at 9:30 on the way to market.

I had 2 orders today so I was very thankful for them as this was as expected a very slow day.
I caught up with all my neighbors and had time to catch up my blog while I waited on the elusive customer.
Daughter came in later after taking a rare opportunity to sleep in this morning .
The rain has gotten harder and the temperature has gone down throughout the day.
This is the temp when I was running errands after market.

 I ran errands in a cold downpour not getting home until about 4:00 and after unloading in another down pour it felt good to get something warm to eat and relax or a little while.
Daughter came over this evening bringing her outside chair cushions and some new material to cover them with. We worked on them until chore time and realized we didn't have enough material so while I sloshed through evening chores she ran out to Walmart and luckily they still had just enough of the material left to finish covering the 6 cushions.
We had some of the fresh collard greens for supper tonight and they were delicious.
Speaking of yesterday's flea market trip, here is some of the bargains I found. I love these six Royal Windsor "wildflowers of the south" plates. This first one is the Dogwood.

Queen Anne's Lace
Regal Lilly, love the wood pecker in this one.
Wild Honeysuckle  with a raccoon getting a drink.
Lady Slipper Orchid, love the little fawn in the picture.
I love these plates but don't know where I would hang them so I may try to see how much they are worth to someone else on e-bay.
I also found this beautiful old solid brass pot that I will use to display a potted plant.
And another e-bay item will be this pair of Hummel reverse glass paintings which appear to be very old and are really pretty.
I will definitely lat you know if I can quit my day job,hahahaha !!!
I will get a picture of the old pull toy that we were told was rare for another time. Hubbie bought some tomato plants and I got the fresh collards along with a few other useful items. Daughter bought quite a few old blue ball jars and some old tins to decorate her kitchen with.
Tonight she was happy with her cushions that we re-covered. Luckily me back held out for the entire project and she only had to re-thread the machine for me a couple times with her younger eyes.
I will make pictures when she gets them in her chairs.
I am tired tonight and feel like I will definitely sleep soundly tonight. It is still hovering in the mid 30's as I write this at 11:00 and I dumper one inch of rain out of the gauge at chore time but it has continued to rain most of the evening. Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day.
Grateful to God tonight for the strength He gives me each day as I strive to show His glory in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Looks like you had a very productive day. The plates are very pretty. It will be interesting to see how much the Hummel's are worth. Have a great weekend. Blessings