Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Whew !  Another rough night for me but I am better and very thankful this morning. About 11:00 last night I woke hubbie and said I might need to go to the hospital. My chest and left arm were hurting badly and it didn't really feel like just heartburn. I took another Alka seltzer and walked around the living room for a few minutes while he got his clothes on. I told him I should have gotten him up earlier because now I felt better. We went back to bed and I slept well the rest of the night although hubbie said he kept waking up and checking to make sure I was still breathing.
I was still wondering this morning if maybe I should go get checked out but after getting g-son to school and sitting down to breakfast I knew that wasn't necessary. As soon as I started drinking my morning cup of coffee I felt the heaviness in my chest return and it jogged my memory back a few years ago when I was having so much heartburn trouble that my doctor had given me some pills for it. The pills helped some but when we discussed my daily diet as soon as I said coffee she stopped me and said that was what was causing the heartburn. I remember saying but I only have one cup of decaf in the morning. She said it was still creating my nighttime heartburn. As soon as I took coffee out of my diet the heartburn stopped.  Lately I have been drinking a cup in the morning and another cup in the afternoon as I have been out of my wassail mix I use with green tea.
Needless to say I am making a trip to the Biltmore House Gatehouse this morning to get more wassail mix to switch back to green tea instead of coffee. Hopefully that one cup this morning won't keep me up tonight.
On the way across Terry's Gap on my way to Asheville I noticed that there is hardly any leaf color and I also saw lots of trees that are already naked of all their leaves.

I always love to make this drive in the fall . All the golden fields of soybeans ready for harvest glisten in the sunlight this morning.

These cornfields are also ready for harvest.

At the Biltmore House traffic was brisk and there were some pretty colors there as all the entrance was lined with mums.

This bed also had some colorful plants in it.

I got a case of my wassail mix and headed home before lunch.
After lunch I baked 2 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes.
I took a nice break and walked in the sunlight as it is still only mid 60's so the breezy weather makes it uncomfortable to just sit in the sun today.
I went after g-son and after getting him settled with food and TV I sewed up this little yellow bonnet for market tomorrow.

After his dad picked him up I took a walk around the bottom pasture on this beautiful fall evening.
These are some of hubbie's gourd crop this year. They are suppose to be swan gourds but hanging from a tree limb gives them a straight neck instead of the curved one they are supposed to have.
 The cattle and horse graze in the evening sun rays.

The water in the creek is so clear this time of year.

These purple Asters are pretty and colorful.

As do these Rose Hips along the creek bank.

Back at the house I had a cup of my hot tea and wassail mix,mmmm !!!
Sitting in the sunroom sipping hot tea, watching the birds have their last meal of the day at the feeders and listening to the evening chorus of frog and bird melodies, what better way to end a day,thanking God for all the wondrous creations.
As darkness took over I headed into my office to tackle a load of paperwork along with month ending figures for September. I didn't mail my quarterly taxes yet as that office is supposedly shut down as well so I have no idea what is happening to all the mail that goes there. Maybe by the 30th of this month things will be back to normal.
At least the paperwork on my end is done !!
I wrapped and labeled all my cakes and washed eggs to get ready for market tomorrow and got in bed around 11:00.
Thanking God for a blessed beautiful day and for creating such a beautiful world for us to live in.
Good Night and God Bless


Betsy Adams said...

Scary.... Glad you are feeling better. Never heard of coffee causing night-heartburn... BUT--if getting off of coffee helps, then I'm glad you are doing it...

We are having a marvelous week --although I'd still like it to be cooler... BUT--I shouldn't complain since it really is NICE out there...

Good Luck at the Market tomorrow.

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Oh girl, you need to stay away from the coffee. That was scary!!! If you have indigestion from the coffee will your arm ache like that? Be careful!

I love all these beautiful pictures of fall and the animals.