Sunday, October 6, 2013


This is our church sanctuary before anyone got here.
Church was good today,our senior Pastor was back from vacation and we celebrated the Lord's Supper as we always do the first Sunday morning of each quarter of the year.
Before I left this morning I put a ham hock in the oven and cooked noodles for baked macaroni and cheese.
We had these along with fresh green beans,fried squash,baked potatoes,and some steamed okra from the garden.
#1 son,d-in-love,g-son,daughter, her B-friend and his son D came for lunch. #2 son is playing golf.
After lunch g-son and D went outside to ride in g-son's jeep for awhile. I had to catch a wayward pullet who had flown across the fence.
It was birthday party time this afternoon as one of my great nephews turned 3 years old.
This is my niece's new house.
Today was the first time I have seen it and the inside is as beautiful as the outside.
This is the birthday boy !!
This huge slide was the hit of the party but some of the bigger kids got a little wild on it and some of the little ones including the birthday boy ended up in tears. At least no one got hurt.
That's g-son in the blue striped shirt and khaki shorts.

Daughter's b-friend's son had fun even though he wouldn't get on the slide or in the little bouncy house that was also there. His birthday is coming soon and he will be 2 years old.

This cake was really nice.
Maddox blew all the candles out as sis-in-law,his grandma, (in gray shirt) and #1 son (in red shirt) look on.
There were a whole bunch of kids there and they all looked like they had a ball.
The weather was perfect for an outside party, sunny and mid 70's temps.
The clouds started to roll in as we left the party.
When we got home we met up with Aaron and Rebekah who were up at the barn putting the cattle in the upper pasture just in case of the hard rain overnight.
Tropical storm Karen appears as if she will go below our area but there is a cold front moving through about the same time so we aren't taking any chances on her getting sucked up in the front and brought right over us.
Grateful to God tonight for His wonderful blessing of an amazing family and friends.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Happy Birthday to Maddox!!! It sure sounds like this was the perfect day to have a party outside.

linda m said...

Your church is beautiful. Happy birthday to Maddox! Happy to hear you had such a nice day yesterday. Blessings