Saturday, October 19, 2013


Mid October market days are usually crazy busy and this one started out just that way but then the customers just disappeared around lunchtime. Making me very thankful for the large orders I had taken for today.
Aaron and Rebekah came by with little Evy and visited with me for awhile , she found some nice fresh vegetables to make some baby food from.
I was glad to finally get packed up to leave as the last hour or so surely crawled by without hardly any sales at all. I hardly ever have seen the customers vanish like they did today and I kept thinking there would surely be more folks come in but that didn't happen.
I went by the estate sale place on the way home and found a few things at 1/2 price but nothing big.
When I got home hubbie was just finishing the lawn and now we need to get the leaves raked up so they don't get ahead of us.
After a short rest we did chores early and headed out to the high school for their yearly "draw-down"
fundraiser. All the coaches had to sell tickets so we bought one from daughter. They sell 300 tickets for $100 each. For the $100 you get 2 steak dinners,furnished by Out-Back Steak House, a gauranteed price in the ticket drawing that ends with the last ticket winning $5000 !!
Al the coaches helped out the Booster Club and daughter was the ticket drawer.

#2 son bought a ticket and daughter shared a ticket with a friend of hers so we had three chances at that big price. Second to last got $1000, third to last won $500 and every 50th ticket drawn won $100. Every other ticket won random prizes donated by the school or surrounding business.
From our three tickets we won several free passes to any of the school's sporting events and a coffee mug filled with coupons from the Honda dealership ,oh well !!!  It was fun to watch.
This idea for making money is a very smart one as they estimated the money raised tonight would be around $25,000. Thanks to the generosity of local business and athletic supporters of the high school it was a very successful event.
Oh and last but not least daughter's volley ball team won their first state play-off game earlier in the day against Erwin HS.
Here daughter gives instructions to the players.
Alot of purple on this day!!!!
She came home with us and took my old letter sweater and a couple uniforms of mine from my high school basketball playing days to wear this week during their homecoming week festivities.
Thanking God for a wonderful blessing filled day and praying for d-in-loves grandmother tonight who has went into kidney failure and doesn't want any treatment for it.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

What a wonderful way to raise money. The school and kids love all the support.