Tuesday, October 29, 2013


After getting g-son to school,the chores done and having breakfast I called an ad I saw last night about a black Silkie rooster to go with my 2 black hens.
I knew the location, so off I went. I had to stop by daughter's house on the way to pick up my cage she had borrow several weeks ago. I thought I would see a pretty mountain view of the colored leaves from her porch but the fog hadn't lifted yet so this is what I saw.
After getting home with my new rooster, I watched for a while after putting him in the lot, to make sure he got along with the other 2 boys in there. He is handsome, and although he is now the largest roo in the pen he is also the youngest so the pecking order didn't take that long !!
I spent the day doing laundry and housework. Checked on little Evy and was glad to hear she was better today.
A beautiful day getting close to 70 degrees and bright sunshine made for some pretty pics on the way to pick up g-son.

These maples at church are sure bright.
Our lower pasture is still a filled with nice bright green.
After getting g-son set up with after school food I finished the laundry and then took Dolly and Bernie on a nice walk in the warm sunshine.
After #1 son picked up g-son and the chores were done hubbie cemented the gate post for my new hen lot. Once that is set we will be ready to roll out the wire for the lot. They may be moved in by this weekend.
The clouds came back this evening creating a colorful sunset that I almost missed.
Put an Avon order online tonight and headed off for an early bedtime.
Grateful to God tonight for my health and for the blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Your new roo is handsome!!! I love his color. Glad to hear he was accepted into the clan.

Beautiful pictures of your place, I'm so jealous. Everything here is starting to turn brown.