Friday, October 18, 2013


Up and out early to get g-son off to school on a nice sunny morning.
After chores and breakfast I got started on my cake baking. With a couple big orders for tomorrow I had to add more cakes to today's list. I baked 18 caramel,2 chocolate and 4 pound cakes.
The forecast is for some low to mid 30's temps for later next week so there is a movement south among all the "snowbirds" that visit our area in the summer and thankfully for me many of them take cakes for their freezers.
After baking all morning I had lunch then took a nice break outside under now partly cloudy skies but still pretty warm temperatures of upper 60's.
Then there was house cleaning to fill the remainder of the afternoon.  After hubbie came in from work he got on the lawn mower. Each time he mows now he hopes it will be his last time for the season.
I took another nice long walk and of course I took my camera along. The clear waters of the creek cause the fallen leaves to look like underwater treasures.
My paths are now well padded.
This little guy hiding behind the colorful leaves kept a close eye on me as I walked by.
The beavers are back in our farm pond.
Love the colors on these Mallards.
Look at the squiggly reflections of the brush in the background of this pic.
X marks the spot ,at least in this part of the sky tonight.
After chores I started icing cakes and that's how I spent the entire evening getting in bed at almost midnight.
#2 son came by to check out some houses for sale on the internet but didn't find much.
Grateful to God for another full of life day and for His graciousness.
Good Night and God Bless

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jean pell said...

Nice post for and about your family. Wishing you and yours a Happy Fall!