Friday, October 4, 2013


Got g-son off to school on this very foggy morning. After chores and breakfast I took a nice walk trying to get my energy up for my very busy Friday.
This little female Bluebird watched from the roof of her house as I walked by.

She was joined by Mr. Bluebird on the roof of the barn.
Back inside I got started on my day with cake baking, I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate and 2 peach wine cakes along with lemon and pumpkin bars.
I cleaned house all afternoon giving it the first good cleaning in a couple weeks.
Also got out the last of the fall decorations and swept all the cobwebs off the porches and patios.
I finished all this just in time to do the evening chores, put Frontline drops on Annie and Flash and surprisingly watch Sadie gobble down first her regular food then a bowl full of food with the Diamateous Earth in it.  It is so good to see her almost back to normal. She is still weak and wavers sometimes as she walks but she has started barking weakly with the other dogs.
I iced all my cakes while listening to the local high school football game. Daughter and her volleyball girls are raising money for cancer at the game tonight in several different ways and after the game she called to say she thought they raised almost $5000 tonight. Tomorrow they are having their "Volley for the cure" volleyball tournament to raise more money.  YOU GO GIRLS !!!!
Hubbie went to Sam's to pick up the pizzas for the 5th quarter at church after the game.
Sam's cooks them, hubbie picks them up, brings them here and we wrap them in heavy blankets to keep them warm. Sam's closes at 8:30 and the 5th quarter doesn't start until after the football game around 9:30.
Since daughter was caught up in the fundraising Enrique the youth pastor came after the 10 pizzas tonight. He was very excited about how many kids were beginning to come to these 5th quarters.
Tonight on the news the new forecast for the path of tropical storm Karen will spare us a flooding rain event hopefully.

We also have our first named winter storm of the season on the way across the north west. Atlas has dumped as much as 33 inches of snow in parts of South Dakota and other states are seeing blizzard conditions plus tornados as he moves across the country.
This is an early start to a predicted nasty winter season. Wonder if anyone looked inside their persimmon seeds out where this storm is ????

I am tired tonight but I wanted to listen to the football scores on the news so I wrote this while I waited on that.
Thanking God for a blessed day and for His grace for all those kids who go up to church tonight,may all the glory be to God !!
Good Night and God Bless.

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