Saturday, October 12, 2013


Woke before the alarm went off this morning. At least getting in bed by 11:00 is making me feel more rested in the mornings.
Market was pretty busy today although the sales weren't as big as the crowds unfortunately. Guess a lot of folks just came downtown to see the new (and old)  cars on display. No use in me going up there I'm not planning on getting a new car anytime soon !!
After market I did go to the Historic 7th Avenue Bazaar which was formerly the Bizarre Bazaar that I have went to every year.
It is always held at the old train depot.
This is the only old brick paved street in town.
There was lots of food vendors making the air smell so tantalizing but I resisted. The music was very good this year.
There were lots of new vendors with things I've not seen before.
This was my first purchase,I loved these shuck dolls.They were about 12" tall and only $20 for all five.
I bought 3 wooden scroll sawed snowflake ornaments from these guys and would have bought more if they had of had more for only $1 each,what a bargain.
Loved this burlap wreath with the little white squirrel but it was a little pricey ($45)  for me.
There was a couple booths with all kinds of antique items but I resisted.
Live herbs, not a good idea this time of year for me !!
I did give in to one of these fall arrangements which you will see in my November table decorations.
There was lots of different types of jewelery but I didn't see anything I needed. A friend of mine was selling photos beside this booth.  Hello Chuck Hill, I see you waving.
I would have hated to have had to carry one of these marble slabs very far !! But they were really pretty.
Loved these wooden stick frames but thought I could surely make these for myself !!
Several booths had baskets.
Have you ever wondered what to do with broken glass besides throw it away ????
Not sure what to think about these ??? Hmmmm, but they are interesting.
Gourd art, we need to get hubbie's gourds out of the trees !!!.
I enjoyed my stroll through this little craft alley. It isn't very big, about 20 vendors but they said they had had a very good day of sales with a steady crowd all day. I'm glad for them as a couple of my crafty friends who always sell in this bazaar said they weren't coming this year because the space rent went up to $50 for the 8 hours of the bazaar. I did miss a couple of my favorite vendors also from years past, especially the lady who I have always bought several homemade Christmas ornaments from each year and a distant cousin who sells beautiful woodwork items.
I put my purchases in the van and said good-bye for another year !!
After one supply stop I headed home to unload and get off my feet for awhile.
It has gotten totally cloudy this evening and feels like rain but so far no raindrops have fallen.
Me and my 4-legged kids Bernie and Dolly sat out in the sunroom tonight and turned on the fake fireplace to watch the flames for the first time this fall and it was nice to just relax.
Thanking God for this day and the blessings He sent my way.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Many wonderful ideas and I bet you can create them all.