Sunday, October 20, 2013


The coolest morning so far this season at 39 degrees,brrrr.
Church was good this morning as we got acquainted with the book of Malachi .
After church we had a smaller lunch bunch with #1 son,g-son,daughter, Aaron , Rebekah and little Evy who slept through lunch.
Daughter left to do some homecoming planning at the high school. Rebekah ran to Walmart to pick up some things for g-son's little party, Aaron went to work. #2 son is playing golf today and d-in-love is working at her parent's restaurant but they both will be here for g-son's party at 4:00.
Evy stayed here while her mom went to Walmart and she ate almost an entire jar of homemade carrot baby food.
G-son is so excited for his birthday celebration !!
He was vibrating with excitement while he waited for everyone to get here. He begged to open the presents first as he couldn't bare to look at the wrapped packages any longer.
He got everything he wanted and more !!!
He had to place some decorations of his own on the caramel cake he ordered for his birthday cake.
Happily blowing out all seven candles !!!
After we celebrated with cake and ice cream everyone went on to their Sunday evening duties.
An added duty for me this evening was gleaning the garden in advance of the freezing temps predicted for this week.

Some of the forecasters are saying we could get frost any night starting tonight so I spent the evening gathering the last of the peppers and basil from the garden.
 I gathered 3 baskets plus a big bunch of the basil left over in the garden.
Hubbie and I spent the rest of the evening carrying plants inside to their winter homes. This doesn't look like a short lived cold snap and it is getting time for our first frost and freeze around here.
We are under a frost advisory tonight as temps dip into the mid 30's . We will turn our heat pump on for the first time this season !!
This year started off with a very warm winter during the first months then the rains came  and came and came all through the spring and summer along with cooler than normal temperatures. We had very few thunderstorms during the summer months because of the cooler temps. Fall brought less rain and warmer than normal temps with no hurricanes or extreme weather so far there either thankfully.  Now I'm rally wondering what these last couple months of this strange weather year will bring. Only God knows and He's not telling !!!
I rest in the knowledge that God does know and He will not be surprised by anything that happens and it will be His will.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

It is very cold here also. High yesterday was 45 with a light rain all day. Turned the heat on yesterday morning as it was 30 outside. Today is cloudy and very windy high of 45. I keep hearing that winter will not be very pleasant this year. Hubby and I are thinking of visiting my son (who lives in GA) earlier this year instead of driving down at Christmas. Last year we drove at the tail end of a major snowstorm - not fun. Blessings

Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Happy Birthday to your G-son!!!!

Temperatures are just so chill here too. We've been watching what's left in the garden. So far everything is okay, nothing froze.

I'm going out to pick more beans and see if I can put the bean plants to rest.

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson!

My mom was born on the 20th.

No frost here yet. I hope it waits. We still have plants producing.