Monday, October 14, 2013


Got to sleep in a few minutes this morning as hubbie is off and is taking g-son to school.
I did chores in a misty cool rain and then after breakfast I stayed inside to catch up some laundry and little things while hubbie ventured out to begin work on my new hen house.
I went out to help in late morning just as the rain picked up and drove us back inside to have lunch.
After lunch the rain had stopped leaving the mid 60's temps and dampness behind.
We got the four corner post set and squared up then cemented into place.
This spot is behind my other two lots and the overgrowth needs clearing out and I can't think of an easier way to do it but move my hens back here. The older hens are really mean to the newer pullets so with this new house and lot I can keep them separate.
I had to meet a lady with a cake order at 2:00 and then hubbie and I headed over to pick up g-son and take him birthday shopping.
We stopped by daughter's to let Tipper, her dog out for a pee break as she has a volleyball game at Owen High School tonight. I took this misty dreary photo of the view from her front yard while g-son and I waited for Hubbie to walk Tipper.

G-son wanted to go to Big Lots and this is what he got for his 7th birthday from us. His very own tablet !!
I only hope this doesn't occupy any of his school work time !!!  He is at a bad age as he is really too big for toys, so it's hard to find any thing he wants. That's why we take him with us to pick his own gift. I might surprise him with a little something else,we'll see !!
We came home and he was hungry, so I fixed him mac and cheese, Texas toast, chocolate milk and he had cookies for dessert.  He also gave me an order for a caramel cake for his birthday lunch Sunday.
I took a long walk to enjoy the cool fall weather this evening. The clouds are just starting to break up as the sun is going down this evening.

The berry business called Driscol Berries that leased the farm across the creek from us is leaving the western N.C. mountains after loosing money the 2 years they have been here. Evidently the mountains are not condusive to their specialized berry plants.
Sad to see them go as I will surely miss gleaning the tasty berries from the vines this fall.
G-son stayed with us while his mom went to music practice at church and his dad painted at their house. He went home about 8:00.
I advertised some more Silkie hens and roosters in hopes of further reducing my flock before cold weather.
Giving all the glory to God for all the wondrous blessings He pours out on me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Happy Birthday To Your Grand Son!!!

I love the pictures from your daughters front yard, along with the river and your place.

Have a wonderful evening.