Monday, October 28, 2013


No school again today for a teacher workday, so g-son had the opportunity to go back to bed after he got there this morning but nothing doing !!!  Lucky for me hubbie got up with him.
I heard the rain against the bedroom windows and wondered where in the world this came from ?
I snoozed a bit longer under the warm covers to hopefully give the rain a chance to stop.
I dug out my rain hat and boots and gave that idea up shortly.
After chores and breakfast with the rain looking like it had set in for the day the three of us headed out to do some shopping.
We went to Micheal's craft store for me to get some ideas about Christmas ornament supplies that I could use with all the little quail eggs I saved over the summer. I came away with an excellent idea I think, only time will tell if they sell or not but I will let you in on it when I get some made.
We also looked in Target for hubbie a bathrobe but had no luck. We made it home for lunch.
The sun is trying to break through the clouds although it looks like it will loose it's battle hubbie and I went outside to work on the new hen lot while g-son played on his slide.
We got the selected path of the wire cleaned out with shears and a chainsaw and got a gate post in the ground but we will need to wait for hubbie to pick up some cement for the hole.
A lady came and bought 4 pairs of the Silkies I had advertised for sale so that cuts my flock of Silkies down significantly for the winter months.  Also I will be more open to letting them set next spring.
Daughter and her b-friend had his little boy so they came by to pick up g-son to go over to the neighbor's haybale,corn inside maze. They looked like they had a wonderful time.

G-son came home pooped out and supper thirsty so I know he had a wild time over there.
His mom picked him up and they headed home to wait for dad so they could carve their pumpkin.
Rebekah called and said poor little Evy had our stomach bug and was very sick. She couldn't keep anything on her stomach at all.
Thankfully several hours later when she was just about to have to go to the hospital for fluids she kept some Pedia-sure down.
Bless her and mom and dad's hearts as I know it is so hard to watch your little baby so sick like that.
 My stomach feels yucky again tonight but I think it is just because I am thinking about her.
I relaxed after chores were done and snuggled on the couch with my 4-legged kids who are glad it is getting cooler weather and they get to snuggle with mama more.
Grateful to God tonight for my blessings and asking for His healing touch for little Evy.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a fun rainy day. Love the pictures of the kids at the pumpkin farm. Blessings