Monday, October 7, 2013


Bright lightening woke me up in the wee hours of this morning. The thunder sounded pretty far away but the lightening was blinding as it lit up the bedroom continually. Pouring rain came as the thunder got closer then faded to the east of our area, leaving almost 2 inches of rain in the gauge.
By the time it was time for g-son to go to school the rain had stopped and the fog was thick.
Hubbie took him to school while I did chores and had breakfast.
Hubbie had a dentist appointment at noon down in Columbus,NC so we left early and shopped at a couple thrift shops in the area.
First we went into the town of Tryon to the St.Lukes Hospital thrift shop. The town mascot welcomed us in.
As I went back into Columbus I dropped hubbie at his dentist and headed over to this shop.
I almost always find somethings in here and today I found a couple candle holders that match my apple cups.
These vases that will be perfect for Valentines decor.
And this storage box for some of the old toys I have.
Seems I always end up on the street that has this nice fountain on it. Today's weather made it a popular place for the birds to congregate.
After I picked up hubbie we went to a nearby Subway to eat and to digest the $400 charge for the two small fillings hubbie received.
As we climbed back up the mountain on the interstate there were numerous tractor trailer trucks. I think more than I have ever seen before on this trip.
After a stop at Sam's Club it was time to pick up g-son from school. He had another good day but was a little overwhelmed with all the homework he had. He had forgotten to bring his folder home over the week-end so he had all that work plus today's to do tonight. We got busy and read his library book while he ate pizza we had brought him from Sam's.
After we got that done he watched TV while I worked on some small pillows. I got 21 small pillow cases and their inside pillows sewed up ready for stuffing.
Just as I finished up these I heard squealing tires down on the road. When I got outside and looked over the hill I saw tires sticking up in the air and heard a child screaming.
I ran down the drive as hubbie got all our dogs put in the lot so they wouldn't follow us down to the road.
When I arrived the Suburban was upside down and still running with heavy smoke coming from the tail pipe. I kept telling someone to turn the ignition switch off before it caught on fire. #1 son who was just getting home from work got it turned off. I got the 6 year old little girl across the road so I could check her out to see if she was hurt. She was just upset but not hurt thankfully. Neither was her mother who escaped with only a cut on her forearm.
This makes the 3rd Monday in a row that there has been an accident on this section of road. Two of them roll-overs.  They are supposed to hopefully start the new bridge construction which will straighten the road through here in January unless it gets pushed back for the third time. It was supposed to have begun last June, then October now January so I guess we will have to wait and see. I pray that all the wreck victims through these curves will be as lucky as these two ladies today.
The air has a cool crisp feel to it this evening with the passing of a cold front through the area bringing temperatures down to more normal levels for the next week.
Praising God for the grace He showed the car wreck victims this evening and for the safe travel for hubbie and I this morning as well as all my other blessings of the day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Thank you God for sparing these two people from serious injury. And thank you God that you and your hubby were there to help them. Blessings