Saturday, October 26, 2013


Well the weather wizards got this one right as the pastures look like it has snowed this morning and the thermometer says 21 degrees here,brrrr !!!

This is something we hardly ever see before Halloween around here, a thick almost 1/2" of ice on all my water buckets this morning.
There was definitely frost on the jack-o-lanterns this morning !!!!!
Market was really busy today making me glad I decided to add the extra cakes to my baking yesterday. Hubbie stayed until almost lunchtime helping handle the customers.
I bought some of the last fresh vegetables that were gathered before last night's freeze.
Tomorrow I am going to try an eggplant parmesan dish that daughter says is really good.
After market I still feel a bit under the weather so I made one stop and headed home. I know I need to eat something but can't think of anything that sounds good to me.
After I unloaded I had a piece of chicken breast and a cup of hot tea and that made me feel a lot better.
I went outside to survey the freeze damage. Hubbie had already called and said some of his large gourds that were growing in the apple tree had fallen out and busted. He climbed the tree with a ladder and rescued these four large ones.

While he worked on the hen house I gathered the rest of the different gourds around the farm. Unfortunately I found some more of the largest nicer ones had fallen from their vines and broken.
This is the ones I stored in my greenhouse to dry.
Daughter called about market day and reminded me of these baby gourds that were growing up in the edge of the woods.
As I walked around the farm I saw things I haven't seen in a long time and some I don't think I've ever seen. Instead of colored or dead leaves the driveway is now covered with green leaves.
Persimmons hang on for dear life on completely naked limbs.
The Walnut leaves didn't fall separately but on twigs that have rows of green leaves on each side.
Every single leaf fell from this Cottonwood tree leaving the lawn with a thick blanket of nasty soggy leaves instead of dry ones.
Yes, this is definitely a different year than I think I have ever seen or maybe just didn't notice these things before.
The previous record was 26 degrees set back in 1930 on this date and last night we shattered that record. The TV station in Asheville recorded a low of 25 so that will be the new record but all our thermometers said 21 and several of the neighbors said they had 21 also.
These Beauty Berries really stand out now that all the leaves are melted.
Today's temps got into the mid 50's with full sunshine to put last night's chill in what seemed like a distant memory. Now the temps are going to be more normal for awhile with 50's and 60's in the day to 40's at night after tonight goes back in the mid 30's.
Hubbie is almost finished with the hen house. It really looks good, my ladies will love their new living quarters.
They even have a window in the back. I will have to get some heavy duty wire to cover it with before I lower it.
I stood out in the woods and gazed upward through these huge Pine trees and thanked the Lord for always being in total control of my surroundings.
As the chores were done and the sun eased down behind the horizon another day of wonderment and adventure comes to a glorious end.
Praising God tonight and asking for prayers for #2 son in his house hunt.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

What a great post. Winter is knocking on our door.

I hope this is not an example of the winter to come...early and cold.

Do you save seeds from your gourds? I would be interested in buying some.

Betsy Adams said...

Yes---it's been a strange Fall indeed. We had freezing temps on Wed/Thurs/Fri nights here --but they weren't 'that' low --maybe in the upper 20's... We did however lose some roses and our Vinca (which really got zapped).... BUT--it's going to be warmer this week...

Hope you had a good week. We have been in Kentucky with friends... Had a fantastic time although it was COLD there too.