Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This is always a special day around our house as my first born son and first born grandson were both born on this day. One 32 years ago and one 7 years ago, wow, how time flies. G-son was all smiles this morning ready to show off his "birthday boy" button.
And ready to share these special super hero cupcakes with his classmates.

This morning started out sunny for the first time in several days but it was short lived just as I finished up breakfast the clouds took over once again.
I decided to put off my walk and stayed in the kitchen this morning baking my cakes. I baked 12 caramel, 3 chocolate and 2 pound cakes before lunch.
After lunch I gave up on the sunshine and took a walk anyway. Hopefully a cold front that is suppose to push rain through our area will clear the clouds out by  Friday.
I snapped some pics of the beginning color changes around our farm to compare to next week. If the weather gets colder as predicted it will definitely speed up the leaf color.

The Mums I bought for my fall outside arrangement are in full bloom now.

When I picked up g-son he had added a special "birthday crown" to his apparel.

He was not happy today because he got a behavior slip at school but I thought that was minor for him as excited as he was this morning I thought he would probably be in big trouble.
We came home and got him something to eat before his dad picked him up. When his dad came in he put the crown on his head as it is also his birthday.
We had a good laugh when g-son told him "at least it hides some of your bald" !!!!
These two October 16th babies, father and son get closer as each year goes by.
This is #1 son (dad) in his first grade picture in the fall of 1988.
Although g-son doesn't have his school pics back yet as they were taken last week this is a photo from the church directory photo session last month of him.
Son and grandson .....
After they left to go birthday shopping I buried myself in paperwork.  Quarterly taxes had to be figured along with weekly paperwork and bills.
I devoted the rest of the evening to cake icings and getting things ready for market tomorrow.
Praising God tonight for the wonderful children and grand child that He has blessed me with.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Happy Birthday To Both Your Boy's, Your Son and Grand Son!!! Great pictures of the Birthday Boy's.

It's been overcast here, temperatures to drop into low thirties.

I need to get up early and go for a nice fall walk myself.