Friday, October 11, 2013


Off to get g-son to school in the cool early morning. Back home to chores and breakfast before starting a busy Friday.
I cleaned my sunroom first so I would have a place to set all my cake layers while I cleaned the kitchen after I got them baked. I baked 28 layers and a couple blackberry wine cakes. There is the yearly auto-rama down town tomorrow for the car dealers to show off the new models and also some antique vehicles will be there so it may be a good selling day at market with all those extra folks in town.
After lunch I spent some time out in the warm,75 degree sunshine before getting back to my housecleaning duties for the day.
Other g-ma picked up g-son today from school so that gave me some extra time to get things cleaned up this afternoon. I like to clean the house on Friday's since we have everyone over on Sunday for lunch at least the house will be clean.
After evening chores I took a nice walk in the lower pasture. It's nice to have Sadie getting back healthy and tagging along with me.
She's still not her regular spunky old self but is slowly getting there. We still have no idea what was wrong with her.
As I walked I looked up at this hill in front of the house that is usually one of the prettiest colorful places in fall, but not this year as these Oak trees are just brown.

The leaves are simply turning brown and falling off as evidenced by all the leaves already lining the driveway.
Our Oak trees are not the only ones with this fungus as it has effected trees in the forest all around the area keeping the trees from making acorns this year. With the acorn shortage that is why all the bears are coming into populated areas searching for food.
I feel sorry for the bears and for all the little squirrels as they frantically search for food to store up for the winter.
 As the sun goes down in a beautiful clear blue sky the moon is already high in the sky and bright.
I love the color of the Fall sky !
Back inside I iced all my cakes, washed my eggs and got things ready for market. I was in bed by 11:00 for a nice snuggle under the warm covers.
Grateful to God for the amazing world and all the blessings He gave me today.
Good Night and God Bless.


Gail said...

The squirrels are working the hickory nuts and pecans like crazy. We have a few acorns but it may not be enough.

Hope this does not foretell a rough winter.

Betsy Adams said...

Interesting... Many of our trees have fungus this year also--and we are having them treated professionally... Guess it was all of the rain.

AND--we don't have nearly the nuts this year that we usually have... I figured it was going to be a mild winter because of that... BUT--maybe it's because of the fungus...

Shame---isn't it?