Saturday, October 5, 2013


Market was very slow today. I had the worst Saturday I've had in quite awhile. All the other sellers had the same kind of day. There was a couple other things going on in town including a Main Street Art Festival and Farm/ City Day out at Jackson Park that alot of folks attended.  Oh Well it's that time of year !!
After market I made a supply and grocery stop and headed home. Hubbie mowed the lawn today.
After we unloaded the van we had a snack and got ready to go to g-son's soccer game. This is the first game that has been in the afternoon so we could attend.
He enjoys this game.
 He scored several goals and is the tallest one on his team.
They still play 2 on 2 with a goalie so there is alot of running. On this hot sunny afternoon it was funny to watch the pace of the game slow down. I know he was sweating because I was doing my share of sweating just watching !
After the game they posed for a team photo. My camera battery went dead so I made this pic with my cell phone.
G-son is the tallest boy in the middle of the back row.
Earlier in the day daughter's volley ball team hosted their annual "Volley of  the Cure " tournament. All the teams that competed turned in their school colored uniforms for various shades of pink T-shirts to raise money to fight cancer.
Daughter's teams all won all their games, plus they earned quite a bit of money for their cause so she was happy this evening.
Today felt like a summer day with temperatures reaching into the low 80's with full sunshine. Flash, Annie and Sadie looked for shade. It is so good to see Sadie back among the trio !
Both the storms are still moving along. Karen in the Gulf is weakening and now the track takes it well below our area to answer all the apple farmers prayers. They still have apples on the trees and a strong wind would be devastating right now.
Winter storm Atlas is still dumping massive amounts of snow on it's way east. As much as 48 inches has fallen.
I am very grateful for the really nice weather we are having right now around here.
This has been a restful night to end a beautiful fun filled day.
Thanking God for many undeserved blessings today and always.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

Your blessings are well deserved.

We are receiving blessed much needed rain. I celebrate.