Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A very cool morning to start out this day as g-son and I headed out to school. I'm starting my day out tired because of a severe case of heartburn from the sub I had for lunch yesterday that hit me just before bedtime last night. When I laid down it really started burning, but after 2 Alka Seltzers and walking around the living in the dark for awhile it finally abated enough for me to get to sleep.
With the cooler morning and less sleep it was really hard to get out from under those nice warm covers.
When I got back from school I did chores and had breakfast before heading out to the groomer with Dolly.  She doesn't like this trip at all and I always hate to leave her trembling in the groomers hands.
I did laundry and housework before lunch. It was still only 60 degrees at noon and the intermittent clouds were more here than not all afternoon.
A buyer came after some Silkie's I had for sale. She bought both mamas and all 5 of the chicks so that empties all the chick boxes.
I decided to catch up some small jobs inside today as this first shot of really fall feeling weather has me shivering from time to time.
I looked up decade pictures for October between laundry loads for this afternoon. The groomer called around 2:00 to come get Dolly.
She is always so pretty when she first comes home.
Annie thinks she sure smells funny !!!
I picked up g-son and after he was settled in with food and some Legos I worked on finishing my pillows.  I stuffed and closed all 21 of these small eyelet lace pillows.
#1 son had a class this afternoon in Sylva,NC so d-in-love came after g-son just before chore time tonight.
After the evening chores I caught up September's paper work. I had a pretty good month at the market and it was pretty even with several of the last years.
I spent some time this evening looking for trunk or treat ideas for our church's Halloween festivities.
I think I have settled on a theme but it'll be a surprise.
In the decade pics I didn't find any from the really early years so I thought I would share a couple news clippings from a scrapbook I was keeping in 1963.
This is the month for potato digging.
There is some old recipes scattered thoughout the scrapbook and this is one for a coconut cake.
It's not the one I use for my coconut cake but it does look good and might be worth a try.
Yuck, my heartburn is back again tonight only in a different spot so I'm off to hit the Alka Seltzer earlier and hopefully get caught up on my sleep.
Thankful for God's love each day and praying that He is glorified in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy Adams said...

Hi Marilyn, Just wanted you to know that I'm still alive... Just can't get much blogging done these days. I am so busy with so many other things --and blogging just seems to get to the bottom of my list... Sorry!

Glad you seem to be doing well. We are also--and I love love love our Fall weather (finally)...


linda m said...

Fall is definitely in the air here also. It is great "walking" weather for me. Have you tried the new Alka Seltzer Chews" for your heartburn. My hubby says they work better than anything he has ever taken. Blessings