Sunday, October 13, 2013


Up extra early to get a broccoli casserole ready to stick in the oven when we get home from church along with some sweet potatoes for something different for this Sunday lunch.
Church was good today as we finished up our study of the Book of Acts. I like when the preacher takes a certain book and goes all the way through it. Next up is Malachi.
Lunch was roast beef, baked Irish and sweet potatoes, corn, field peas and snaps to go with the broccoli casserole. Everyone enjoyed it and we had fun conversing with everyone. It is such a blessing to me to listen to the laughter around the table. Everyone made it except #2 son who was golfing.  #1 son, d-in-love, g-son, Aaron, Rebekah, Evy, daughter, b-friend M and his son D.
Little D loved my broccoli casserole the best of anyone.
After lunch we got up in the storage area above the sunroom and got down the old high chair for Aaron and Rebekah to take home to try out with Evy who is now eating cereal and vegetables very well.
Everyone else went their separate ways so Hubbie and I had the afternoon to relax. It has been raining since lunch time and I dumped about 3/10ths inch out of the gauge at chore time.
Hubbie went to Home Depot to get some lumber to start our new chicken house with maybe tomorrow if it stops raining by then.
I used the quite alone time to finish my 8th Volume of my Blog Books. I can only do 6 months at a time because of page number limits. January thru June of this year makes the eighth book.
I don't have any pics for today so this is a good day to do a long decade pic post.  In October of 1983 #1 son was turning one year old and having his first Halloween so there were lots of photos.
#1 son went to a nursery called Wee Folks and he had a party there with all his classmates.
This is a special friend who was the only other child in the daycare that was his age. All the other kids were older but Gaynell agreed to take these two little ones if they would potty train early. This little girl was the daughter of a friend of mine named Debbie House.

This is Mrs. Gaynell the owner of the daycare with son.
This day is just too exciting for a nap !!!
At home we had a special cake that I made for him.

We had his party at my mom's house because there was more room than in the single wide mobile home we lived in at that time.
His first cousin Aaron who was only one year older was glad to help with all the presents.

#2 son who was only 7 months old at the time got the first ride in the new wagon as grandmother Goldie looks on.

Grandmother Maxine loved all the grandkids.
Then there was our first dress-up Halloween at the end of the month. I love these two little draculas !!
October was a fun  month back then and still is a very fun month with all the little ones that we've got roaming around these days it is shaping up to be a real exciting month.
Praying tonight for God's grace as I strive to do His will in all that I do.
Good Night and God Bless.

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