Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Up earlier than usual this morning as hubbie is off today and helping with g-son so we can get to the Pickens Flea Market. We have been looking for a nice Wednesday for several weeks and today is supposed to be perfect down there.
It is a bit cool up here with a temp of 35 this morning. I did chores while he took g-son to school and Rebekah and Evy came over to go on their first trip to this market with us.
Evy was a very good traveler on the way down there making it for almost the entire one hour plus trip without a peep.
It was cool when we got there and the place wasn't as crowded as I have seen it before.
Evy had on her cow blanket.
She found herself a great deal on a an old wooden rocking horse.
Hubbie got a good deal on this felt hat, for the price of $1 he bought a $60 hat that hasn't been worn much at all.

I found several things of course that I couldn't live without.
I've always wondered how this  patterned cake was made.
Of course I had to add to my Christmas decorations !!!
And I couldn't pass up this twin bed size newly crocheted afghan.
But the best deal of the day was this fern. As I was standing in the aisle discussing with hubbie something on a table,the man across walked over and asked if I would like a large fern for free.
Of course I can't pass up a plant so this nice fern cam home with me.
He said he didn't have a place to put it inside and didn't want to see it get killed probably tonight with freezing temps predicted. It will join my other four in the basement where I moved them Sunday evening.
We had a good trip and everyone got some good deals. Our van was packed full as usual on the trip home.
After we got unloaded and Rebekah and Evy headed to their house daughter brought g-son in from some pumpkin shopping they had been doing. She was at a workshop today so she picked him up from school and got to visit with some folks at his school where she used to work.
I took several more cake orders today so I needed to baked more caramel and chocolate cakes tonight before starting my icing. I iced 12 caramel, 5 chocolate, 3 coconut cakes and got everything ready for market. I finally got to bed a little after midnight.
Thanking God for Safe travel today and for the grace He gives me each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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