Monday, October 21, 2013


Brrrr !!! Another 37 degree morning in the mountains. Thanks to hubbie I got to snuggle a few extra minutes under the warm covers as he got up when g-son got here to fix his breakfast and take him to school.
After I did morning chores and had breakfast we made a trip to Southern States to pick up animal feed and we bought a 100 ft. roll of wire for the new chicken lot. The house is framed in already.
We also made a stop at Sam's Club and made it home with enough time to unload and get everything put away before a lunch of left-overs from yesterday.
We worked on the hen house after lunch. Hubbie found an old door stored in the barn years ago and we cut it off and modified it to fit the hen house. These hens are going to think they are moving into a castle after the small box they have been in !!
While I went to pick up g-son from school,hubbie went up to Scot's , our neighbor who runs a sawmill to get some boards for the siding. We also painted some rusted metal pieces left over from a previous roofing job to use on this roof. We don't have much money invested in this venture so far.
G-son played with his new toys from yesterday and ate more birthday cake. He said we could have just one more party if we wanted too !!!!
After his dad picked him up I did the chores and settled in for another chilly night but we have no frost warnings tonight.
Back in October 1993 our church made a new directory. These are a couple of the pics on the collage pages. This one is hubbie with #2 son and a couple of girls from our Sunday School class, Carson Walker and Christy Jones.
This is daughter with a couple of her friends.
The front of the directory has a picture of our church then on it. It sure looks a lot different today !
This is our family photo that is in the directory. We were all laughing at something the photographer said.
My niece's husband was a senior football player that fall. He is number 31.
Tonight has been a nice relaxed evening. Hubbie and I both are resting up for a busy week starting tomorrow. I figure this will be my last really busy week at market as really cold temps are predicted for the end of the week.
Praying extra tonight for my #2 son as he searches for that perfect house to buy as I know he is getting frustrated, I pray for God's grace and guidance for him in all that he does.  Praying also for daughter as she takes her volleyball team to Hickory for the second round of the state play-offs tomorrow, may they have traveling mercies and play their best.
Good Night and God Bless.


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Oh this chicken house is going to be the crème de la crème. Can't wait to see the final project.

Sending prayers for your #2 son on finding a house, and your daughter taking her volleyball team.

Have a great evening!

linda m said...

You sure are spoiling your chickens with the "mansion" you building for them. Praying your #2 son finds his house and your daughters team does well. Love the old pictures. Blessings