Thursday, October 24, 2013


WHEW !!!!!  What a night I had !!!  After finally getting to bed after a nice warm bath I had trouble getting warm so I could go to sleep. Granted it is the coldest night of the season outside,34, but we do have our heat on.  Finally I put the heating pad to my feet in hopes that would relax me so I could get to sleep. Not so, yes my feet did get warm but then I developed another problem, a stomach ache !!
After numerous trips to the bathroom and the garbage can beside the bed I reserved myself to the fact that I must have eaten something bad somewhere today.
As hubbie's alarm sounded at 5am and I was groaning with the waves of pain through my stomach he decided to stay out of work again. He took g-son to school and then went to the Curb Market for me with all the cake orders.
I stayed in bed only getting up to help label the cake boxes with names and then doing the chores of feeding and turning out the dogs and chickens.
As my stomach ache eased off and sleep finally came I didn't get up until noon.  I was so weak I ate a pack of cheese crackers with my hot tea and then had to head straight to the bathroom,oh well !!
I laid back down and waited for hubbie to get home from market.
After he got here I had to go into town to take care of the weekly errands and pick up some baking supplies for tomorrow.
On a completely empty stomach I got all this done without even feeling that weak. 
I have spent most of the evening on the couch wrapped up with my 4-legged kids as I am still chilling.
After talking with #1 son who said he had something like I had a couple days ago and also Rebekah said Aaron had it so maybe it wasn't something I ate after all.
I'm just thankful it didn't last long !!
I had some new little potatoes that hubbie dug this afternoon for supper to keep it real bland on my raw feeling stomach.
Tonight is supposed to be even colder than last night around here and then tomorrow night is the real deal as we will probably set a new record.
This is the almanac page for today as you can see we are quite a bit below normal but not near the record for today.

I am going to get into bed for an early bedtime tonight and hope my troubles of last night won't come back.
Praising God for all the blessings of His miraculous creations.
Good night and God Bless


Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Stomach bugs and virus' are big right now down here. I hope you feel much better in the morning, sleep well.

linda m said...

Sounds just like what my hubby had about a week ago. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. God's blessings to you.