Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Up early to begin another beautiful fall day. After dropping g-son at school I headed out to Walmart to pick up milk and a couple other things we are out off. I love going to Wallyworld early in the morning when there is hardly any customers and no waiting in check-out lines.
I did chores and had a leisurely breakfast before starting the Tuesday laundry and housework.
After lunch I delivered a cake order and then stopped by Ingles to pick up some pineapple rings for a pineapple upside down cake I took an order for earlier.
I just had a few minutes when I got home from this before it was time to pick up g-son.
Today is a nice warm day mid 60's and it is the last warm day for awhile according to the forecast.
The clouds fought hard with the sun all afternoon for equal time,everytime I had a few minutes and thought about going out to soak up some Vitamin D the clouds would roll in.
After g-son had his after school snack he wanted to help put up the Halloween decorations. We got out a couple new things and he thought they were really cool. It got too dark to make pictures before we got finished so they will come later.
His dad went hunting today so he walked home when his mom came in.
Hubbie had a meeting at church at 6:00 tonight about some cemetery business that lasted for an hour and half so anymore hen house construction has to wait.
I took several cake orders for Thursday today and had one large order for Saturday changed to Thursday so I baked 9 caramel, 3 chocolate,3 coconut , a pineapple upside down and a pound cake tonight to get a head start.
The weather forecasters actually have the sssss word (snow) in the forecast for the end of the week !! And it looks like we should get used to the colder weather .

Yesterday d-in-love took her camera out to the gym where daughter was finishing up practice with her volleyball team. The girls had an idea for a photo to use at the pep rally during this homecoming week. D-in-love took this photo of the girls using flashlights to form the school letters. It turned out great !!!
Unfortunately for the girls and coaches tonight they lost their game at St. Stephens down around Hickory in three very close sets.  That concludes their volleyball season for this year.
Basketball starts next week !!!
I will end with this prayer that I thought fit my prayers perfectly.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

What a beautiful prayer. Thank you so much for sharing it . Very cold around here also. God bless you.