Saturday, June 21, 2014

1964 and 1974 MEMORIES

Hubbie being off on Fridays for the summer is going to take some getting used to, it makes it not seem like Friday.
After chores and breakfast we had to make an animal feed buying trip to Southern States.  The morning is sunny and already hot by the time we got back with our load of feed.
Hubbie got on the lawnmower and I started my baking. I baked 12 caramel, 3 coconut, 3 chocolate and 2 pound cakes.  I was finished by lunchtime.
Clouds are starting to build and there are storms to the west and south of us already. Daughter called and the E-campers should be home around 4:00 if all goes well. #1 son worked on the van's air conditioning while he was at the beach and has it working so everyone is happy.  He is going to try to pull the trailer up the mountain, if the van starts heating up he will stop and call hubbie to come pull the trailer on up.
Hubbie finished his yard work and we both worked in the garden awhile, pulling weeds and getting the spent pea plants and some lettuce and argula plants fed to the chickens.
Aaron, Rebekah and Evy came up while we were there and she found the bush beans need picking. She said they would pick them tomorrow for our Sunday lunch.  We had a nice visit until the thunder and lightening got too close for comfort so they went home and we came inside.
The storm passed dropping only about 1/10th inch of rain here. The other side of the county got hammered again.
As we sat out in the patio watching the last of the rain move on daughter came in about 5:30.  She ate supper with us and caught us up on the trip. Four of the kids they took on the trip got saved while they were there, all the glory to God !!!
She took Tipper and headed home for a nice long rest in her own bed and an evening of peace and quiet.
Since I don't have any pics for this day I will continue the June decade pics. This is the wedding announcement for one of my cousin's wives and her sister.  My cousin and his wife Nancy got married on June 6, 1964, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
 In earlier years of my post I have talked about this red climbing rose that I first planted at my first house and then we moved it here when we built this house. It still blooms each year and loves it's new home apparently.  This is a picture of the rose in it's first location at the single wide trailer I lived in when I was single in June of 1974.

I iced my cakes and we got some orders boxed up before we called it a day.
Glory to God for the young lives that were dedicated to him this week and praising His name everyday.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Gail said...

You are surrounded by blessings. May they continue.