Friday, June 13, 2014


If you fear this day I have some even worse news for you.  A full moon rose just after the clock struck midnight last night to give this one and only Friday the 13th of 2014 a double whammy !!
No I wasn't up early enough to get his picture myself, I let those early risers of the Navy take it for me.
I am not superstitious so I hadn't even thought of this until I watched the news this evening.
This day started out beautifully for me as I dropped g-son at school I took these pictures of his last walk into his first grade classroom.

He said he was both happy and sad today as he was glad school was out but that he would miss his friends.
As I made my last drive home from dropping a first grader off the clouds were still hugging the mountain tops.
This is going to be a very busy day as  the phone started ringing early with cake orders. It's as if everyone suddenly remembered Father's Day !!
After a regular morning routine I baked 12 caramel, 5 chocolate, 3 coconut, 3 pound and 2 wine cakes then had lunch.
I went with Rebekah up to #2 son's house to clean up some furniture she has stored up there and is going to sell.  Evy and I enjoyed his big back yard while she worked. Unfortunately her grandmother who fell last month passed away this morning.  Prayers requested for her and her family, please.
We came home just before the storms started.  There was some loud thunder and close lightening strikes with about another inch of rainfall.  My four legged kids and I sat out in the sunroom and watched the storm as the brunt of it passed to the south and east of us thankfully.
I started icing cakes early as I had 18 caramels to ice along with the chocolate and coconut.
Only pausing for a few minutes a couple times to get the chores done and have a light supper it still took me until almost midnight again.   Maybe I am just getting slower I can't figure it out !!!
I fell into bed with a sigh of tired accomplishment after another very busy day.  Thankful for the business that makes these days busy.
All the county high schools held graduation ceremonies inside tonight as the rain made the move necessary. Unfortunately the number of guest has to be reduced when this happens because gyms  won't hold as many people as football stadiums but no one wants to sit out in a thunder storm with lightening flashing all around.
Congratulations to the more than 860 graduates from around the county who are now entering the next phase of their lives.  Today is the latest I can ever remember the schools getting out.

Daughter was attending the rehearsal dinner of the friend who's wedding she is in tomorrow and sent this pic of the bride and groom square dancing into the sunset. It did rain on their supposed to be outside event so they moved it inside this barn.

Grateful to God for all the blessings He sent my way today.
God Bless.

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