Wednesday, June 25, 2014


After dropping g-son off with the lady he rides with to scout camp I headed to Walmart for the second morning in a row. I took several orders yesterday so I needed more eggs, milk and oil.
Back home I fed the hungry chickens and let all the dogs out for a run before having breakfast.
After I ate I took a walk in the fragrant morning air. The air around our house right now is filled with the sweet smell of these Mimosa Tree blossoms.
The fluffy pink blooms look like a huge pink cloud.
I went to work baking cakes this morning. I baked 24 caramel,4 chocolate, 3 pound and 2 blackberry wine cakes before stopping about mid afternoon.
No time for a break today as I need to get all these iced.  I ice 6 caramel cakes at a time and it takes me about 45 minutes to get the six done. My back can only take a couple icings at a time at this rate.
I iced 6 then took a break to wait for g-son to get here as Alicia is bring him here to the house today.
She is a very nice person, she teaches out at the local middle school.
He is having so much fun at Cub scout camp and learning some new things.
They are shooting BB guns, his targets look like he is a very good shot.

They also are learning to handle a bow and arrow.
There was a water slide today for some "cooling off" fun.
They also got a volleyball lesson from the local high school volleyball coach.

After a short visit she was on her way and g-son just barely had time to grab something to eat before his mom picked him up for church. #1 son is having to work overtime tonight to repair a hole that is in the middle of the interstate.
I did chores and then did the weekly paperwork and payed bills.
I spent the rest of the evening icing cakes. I finished just before midnight and literally fell into bed.
I fixed 21 cakes just to fill tomorrow's orders.
Tired but happy for the business.

Grateful to God for the precious blessings of this day.
Good night and God Bless.

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Sandy said...

Carolina Nana,

Wow, now that's a lot of cakes in one day.

The cub scouts are awesome with the kids, I'm glad your grandson likes it.