Monday, June 23, 2014


Another Monday without g-son here is strange. He is going to cub scout camp this week and since today was the first day his mom took him to have a look around at the camp which is being held at Etowah elementary school.  All other days this week he will come here for breakfast and I will take him to meet his friend and his mom who is one of the troop leaders at the camp. This is him and his friend Andrew, looks like they are having a good time.

Brings back memories from mine and my boys days of summer scout camps !!
I had to go to the doctor in Asheville this morning and the clouds were hanging low and stormy looking on the way over there.
I discovered that Monday morning is not a good day for an appointment,it took me over an hour in the office today.
After I left I stopped by Walmart and Target on the way home.  At the top of the mountain coming home I ran through a brief rain shower but it was dry and sunny when I got home.
After a late lunch I spent some time checking little Dolly over. She isn't feeling well at all and last night she got me up 3 times and hubbie up once to go outside for a bowel movement.
I called the vet and they said bring her on in just to be on the safe side.  There is no blood in her stool and she had no fever but her little stomach was really gurgling so they gave her some fluids because she hasn't drank any water or ate anything today. They also put her on some probiotics for her intestinal tract in case she has an infection trying to start, which is what her yellow stool would be a sign of.
I can tell after one dose of the probiotics she is feeling better and she has not gone to the bathroom all evening.  She still is eating and drinking very little but is sleeping more peacefully than she has in a couple days.
Hubbie picked g-son up from camp while I was at the vet's office and when I got home his dad was here also. He was a tired little boy but I think he had fun.
As I did chores and walked around the yard I noticed this "clearance" rose bush I bought at Walmart is blooming wonderfully.
And this barrel that I planted flowers and herbs in just outside my sunroom window is really doing good also. I am carrying a lot of water these days keeping all my new plants hydrated while we wait on the promised rain .
Played with Evy tonight while her dad filed his horse's feet. She loves the big slide in the back yard.
I was so busy laughing and playing I forgot to take any pictures.
Hubbie and I ended the day sitting out in the patio watching the clouds roll in.
Grateful to God tonight for a blessed day and thankful that Dolly's illness doesn't seem to be serious.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

G-son sure looks happy to be at camp. And you flowers are so pretty - wish mine would start to bloom. Glad Dolly is feeling better. Blessings

linda said...

The boys smile tells it all. So glad Dolly is better...sweetheart. Love the flowers - we dont have anything but sunflowers this year.