Sunday, June 22, 2014


Getting ready for church this morning I took this bouquet of sunflowers with me to brighten the communion table.  Sunflowers are so bright and cheery you just have to smile when you look at them. A fellow Curb Marketer gave these to me yesterday as we loaded after market.
The preacher was just coming through the sanctuary and commented that he hoped I brought some pretty flowers this morning.  These fit the need nicely and added a special  touch to the sanctuary for a special concert tonight by a group called "My Hope".
I had greeter duty this morning so I was late getting into the sanctuary and missed the first part of daughter's video on the E-camp trip she made but the part I saw was really good and the fact that four teenagers were saved on this trip just made it sweeter.
After church everyone made it to lunch of grilled chicken breast, the first fresh green beans from the garden, potatoes from our garden, corn and squash bought at market yesterday and plenty of that good ole southern sweet tea made for a delicious meal.
After lunch g-son and Evy went outside to slide on the slide and play for  awhile before everyone scattered for the afternoon.
#2 son came by later for a plate of leftovers for his supper as he had played golf today.
Aaron , Rebekah and Evy came back later for watermelon then hubbie's brother and his wife, Sandy came by for a visit.
The clouds came up on the horizon but gave up the battle and we didn't even hear any thunder today.

It was a perfect Sunday filled with laughter and good food.
Thankful to God for the place He choose for me and the family and friends He choose to surround me with.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me - God, family and friends, good food, and good weather. Blessings