Saturday, June 14, 2014


UHHHH !!!!   Woke up this morning in a sweat with a nauseous feeling.  Of all days !!!
I dragged myself out of bed and managed to get the chores done and get ready for market with hubbie's help.  I have too many orders and too much stuff to do to call in sick this morning!  Hubbie followed me closely as I drove to market and I had pull off one time thinking I was really going to be sick but it passed. I have no idea why I am feeling this way this morning, I can think of nothing I ate last night that would cause this. I hope I am not getting some sort of virus I guess only time would tell.
Comments from fellow marketers let me know that my face showed how I was feeling as I pushed through the sickness.
Hubbie stayed close and helped with the stream of customers all morning. I finally ate a pack of cheese crackers and some iced sparkling water that I had brought with me and felt some better. Good enough so that hubbie could leave to run his errands and get up to church to mark off some handicap parking spaces so the paint would be dry by in the morning.
After lunch business slowed down so I had no trouble getting through the rest of the day.  I sold very well although not completely out of everything so I was very happy with the day.
I made only one stop at Aldi on the way home to pick up baking supplies for next week.  I was glad to get home and sit down for a little while.
Hubbie got on the lawn mower and I rested.  Thankfully Rebekah and Evy came to keep me company for a while before I nodded off . I can't sleep at night if I take a nap during the day.
Daughter is a bridesmaid in her friends wedding today and they have a beautiful day for an outside wedding thankfully.
This is daughter and the bride, Kindra. Her husband's family gave them some land and they built a large pole barn on it for later use and to have their wedding in. I thought this was a brilliant idea and saved a lot of wasted money on a wedding venue.  Looks like they have the barn decorated beautifully.

Daughter and I made 18 layer cakes, 2 of 9 different varieties for her reception and  daughter made a special red velvet cake for the bride and groom.  This is daughter after setting up one of each flavor of  the cakes.

I pray that this young couple have a very long happy life together.
While daughter is away for the day hubbie and I get to babysit our 4 legged grandchild Tipper who loves to run around while we sit out in the patio watching the sun set.
I am getting to bed early tonight to try and catch up on my rest from this busy week.
We celebrate the 237th birthday of our American flag today . Sweet "Old Glory" may your red ,white and blue wave forever !!

God is good all the time and I look forward to praising His sweet name tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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