Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I wish g-son had been as excited about going to school all year as he is in the last few days.
He talked non-stop all the way to school this morning, jumping from one subject to the other as if his mind was racing ahead to imagine the fun he was going to have today.
I made an empty trip to the post office as the package I went to mail had a bad "click and ship" label on it that wouldn't scan.  I brought it back home and called the tech line which proceeded to tell me what all might be wrong with my computer as if they knew for sure it couldn't be anything wrong on their end.  I just got a refund and will take it to the P.O. uptown Thursday and mail it.  Never intend to use the USPS click and ship site again !
I did the morning chores, had breakfast and took a nice walk in the sunshine and already almost hot morning.
Even in late spring their is plenty of new life around our place as I watched this Carolina Wren feeding her hungry loud brood for a while.

And I think we are going to have a second family of Bluebirds in this house.

Our garden is growing so nicely this year I think putting a fence around it has made a big difference as we apparently didn't realize how much of our produce was being consumed by rabbits and other critters.
Back inside I got the laundry started and then housecleaning Tuesday was on !!!   I have decided to clean my entire house on this day again since the other days don't seem to hold time to do any cleaning in them.  I feel more energetic with my weight loss so it is worth a try.
With only a short lunch break I finished 3 loads of laundry and had the house cleaned by about 2:30 with the dryer still running with the last load of towels in it.
Just in time to sit down and drink a bottle of water before picking up g-son from school.
He came to the van carrying a huge kite he had won today in a drawing.  It had a very long tale and was made from nylon.
He settled in with something to eat and I had a snack.
His dad came to pick him up and they went home to watch a video of his first grade year that his teacher had made for all of them.
Hubbie and I worked in the garden again pulling weeds and tilling since it is finally dry enough to run the tiller through it.
I came inside and had supper and then started baking pound cakes. I have several large orders this week so I need some extra baking time.
I baked 8 pound cakes tonight.   While they were in the ovens hubbie and I sat out in the patio watching the dark clouds roll in and the lightening streaking across the sky. The 87 degree afternoon hadn't cooled down much at this hour so these storms looked ominous.
This is the clouds as I shut up my chickens about 9:00. The clouds were really mean looking !!

Thankfully the storms abated in the cooler air with darkness before they reached our area and we only got a shower of huge raindrops.  I thought it was hail by the noise they made hitting the metal roofing but I saw nothing but water on the porches.
I got caught up on May's monthly business figures tonight and they were better than I thought they would be so that is a good sign for the beginning of the busy season.
Very thankful to God tonight for sparing us the storms some near neighbors got and very grateful for the blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Those are some mean looking clouds. You were very fortunate that you didn't get any bad storms. A tree fell across the road at my sons house in Athens , GA Barely missed the power lines. Take care and God bless you.