Monday, June 9, 2014


I didn't get my usual extra snoozing this Monday morning as I headed out to the laundry with all my rugs,etc before hubbie and g-son left for school.  This is hubbie's last Monday off so I needed to get this done today. He will start being off on Fridays next week for the summer. While school is out they don't want any workers in the buildings on Fridays because they can save a bunch of money on electricity by totally closing down one day a week.
I got all my things washed and the ones dried that didn't have rubber backs and made it home by about 8:45.  The laundry doesn't usually open until 8am but the doors were unlocked when I got there at 7:40 this morning and being the only one doing laundry at this early hour made things go faster.
I hung out all the rubber backed rugs as soon as I got home.  Hubbie had let all the chickens out of their houses so they were waiting to be fed.
Shortly after I had a snack the glasses place called and said my new glasses were in.   Hubbie needed lawn mower gas so we took the truck and picked up my glasses, which I do like, and some gas for the mowers on the way home.

I will have to get used to the appearance of frames again as my old glasses were frameless.
I do notice a difference in that things look a bit clearer with the new ones.
After we came home we had lunch then had a visit from this little beauty while her mom went to a meeting.

She is walking more and more but still is really hesitant.
She used her tractor as a push around walker !!

After mom picked her up to go home and get a nap hubbie and I headed up to the garden to work.
He planted some more tomato plants he raised and I pulled weeds out of our pea row and gave them to the chickens for a green treat.
I cleaned out chicken houses so I can move some chicks around tonight after they go to roost.
I use diatemaceous earth to sprinkle on the new bedding to ward off insect pest .
I also thawed out all the pumpkin seeds I froze last fall for their spring worming.
I also carried a bucket of water and soap up to the lots and washed all the waterers this afternoon.
This mama and the newest 5 little ones need a bigger box and after I get the bigger chicks moved out into one of the lots tonight and I get their big box cleaned out (hopefully tomorrow) they can move in there.
As the skies grew cloudier I gathered all the rugs off the clothes line while hubbie went after g-son from school.  G-son had a dentist appointment this afternoon so he had to eat a quick snack when he got here and then his dad picked him up to get to his appointment. He was looking forward to going so I hope it was a pleasant experience.
 After chores and supper hubbie and I ended the day with visits from #2 son and daughter as they both stopped by on their way home from work.   Then we sat out in the patio to watch darkness creep in.
We had clouds periodically all day and this evening even some gusty winds that threatened to blow in a thunder storm but it all passed us by today.  By the looks of the forecast for the next week we won't continue to stay dry.
Thankful for a wonderfully blessed day and for the graciousness of our Lord.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Sounds like you had another busy day. I love getting my chores out of the way early in the day. We've had two beautiful days ; today it may rain. Blessings