Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Up before the alarms this morning. Hubbie took the day off so daughter, he and I can make a trip to the Picken's flea market.   He took g-son to school while I did chores, daughter met us here and off we went.  This is the first June trip we have ever made and it felt like the heat was going to live up to the reason we don't go in summer time.
We got down there just after 9am and there was a good crowd with a lot of sellers with all different items for sale. The temperature was already in the 80's as we began to shop.
After about 3 hours and several gallons of sweat we were on our way to get some lunch at the nearby Arbys.  Daughter and I walking back to the van among now empty tables.
We bought random items today with nothing that especially stands out, mostly small useful stuff.I did find a set of patriotic vases to decorate in the month of July with which I will photograph when I get them in their places.
We made it home at 2:30.  Daughter went to school to pick up g-son while hubbie and I unloaded the van.
I spent a little while in recovery mode from all the sweating and intense heat of the day by sitting in the sunroom watching the birds.
As I did chores Rebekah brought Evy up and I helped her get some pictures to announce the birth of their second child which is coming in January.
I heard a little peeping sound as I walked by the brooder house and as I peeked in I saw mama hen and baby chick having a special bonding moment.
She had more chicks but they were content to hide under her warm feathers.
I had work inside to do so my outside enjoyment came to an end and I did weekly paperwork and payed bills.
I spent the rest of the evening icing cakes. I have only one order for tomorrow but it is hard to guess this time of year what any day will be like saleswise.
I am very grateful for all the blessings of the day and for the traveling mercies God showed us today on our flea market trip.
Good Night  and God Bless.

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