Saturday, June 7, 2014


UHHHH!!!!   Man sometimes when the Saturday alarm goes off I envy all the folks who are snoozing longer on their day off.........   then I remember that I am off on most of the day's they work......... and I get up !
With everything ready to load and putting a little giddy-up in our steps this morning we were out the door and headed to market more than an hour earlier than usual.
The parking lot was already pretty full, luckily for me a car was pulling out of a space right beside the door.
We got unloaded and set up before it got really crowded.
Hubbie went outside to help cook the ham and sausage for the biscuits .
He is on the far left in the white shirt.
Making the biscuits was Debra, our market manager in one of my matching bonnet and apron sets.
The music was very good and was provided by a couple of my first cousins Sam (in hat) and Don (in cap) Cox and their band called The Ole Time Pickers.

There were old tractors and interesting edible planters on display.

We had one of the biggest crowds we have ever had I think. The weather was beautiful for an outside fun day.
Daughter helped at the table all morning as the customer traffic was pretty good.
I was dressed for the occasion of course in my apron and bonnet.
We had a good sales day but didn't sell out as we have in some of these days in the past. I am very thankful for what we did sell.
After market I stopped at three different stores to take advantage of sales on things I need for baking. At Aldi when I came out I noticed the dark clouds had taken over the sunshiny day but the skies looked blue toward my house.
I made a couple more stops to pick up vegetables and groceries for tomorrow's lunch. As I was coming out of the Ingles closest to my house the rain was pouring down. Luckily I carry a small umbrella in my purse which from time to time comes in super handy on days like today.
As I drove home the road was drier and drier as I got closer to home. I stopped the van below the house to unload and just as hubbie opened the basement door the pouring rain reached our house. I ran inside and we waited out the rain before getting things unloaded. We got a little over a 1/2 inch from the hard shower before it moved on.
The garden really needed that rain and it looked like the plants grew a couple inches in just this afternoon.
Hubbie and I had a snack then watched the news while fighting a nap.  My early morning is catching up with me.
I did the evening chores and then we both took a break out in the patio where the mosquitoes of yesterday must have been taking a break today.  We had our citronella candle lit and maybe it is working better than it did last night.
Inside I cooked macaroni noodles for a casserole for tomorrow's lunch before heading to bed with about a half of a headache. I think this has been a long day !!
Grateful for the blessing of a good sales day and for the love of Jesus as I look forward to worshiping Him tomorrow.
Good Night and God Bless.

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