Monday, June 2, 2014


Both hubbie and I got early starts this morning delivering different cargo.  He left before I did taking Flash the basset hound to the vet for his neutering surgery and I took g-son to school.
Back home we were met with Rebekah bringing little Evy over for the morning so she could sleep some after working all night.
After I did chores and we all had breakfast Evy was tired so she went to take a nap. While she napped I worked quietly on transferring my photos onto my Walgreens site and getting some of the ones I have already printed put in order so when I find my empty photo album I have buried in my office somewhere I will be ready to put them in it.
A first for me, I had to wake Miss Evy up for her lunch. She needed to eat a little early so she would be ready to go with her mommy and daddy to the doctor to get her first look at her new baby sister or brother.
I also ate early so I could make my eye exam appointment at 1:00.  I got good news about my eye health although I do have some of what he called "freckling"around my left pupil but they are all flat so we will just watch them. My eyes have changed again and so I went ahead and got new glasses since they gave me a 30% discount.
Hubbie went with me in case they dilated my eyes but they take photos of my eyes now instead of dilating them.  The check on the "freckling" was pretty rough with such a bright light I saw big blue spots for a long time afterward making me almost sick at my stomach.
We left the office and picked up my Avon order on the way to school to pick up g-son.  We then came home, picked up the crate and went after Flash at the vets.  They said he did very good and was still a bit groggy but he did use the bathroom in the grassy area beside the van before we headed home.
G-son was cute talking to him all the way home to make sure to was okay.
This is the two pals earlier this year.
Flash acts very drugged and doesn't have any appetite which is very strange for him.  I gave him the pain pill they gave me and put his food in his house so he won't have to walk to get to it when he decides he is hungry.
Hubbie, g-son and I spent the evening outside working in the garden. Hubbie tilled and planted our new okra seed while I pulled weeds.  The chickens were happy to help dispose of the weeds for me.
Rebekah is feeling better tonight and went to music practice at church so Evy got to come back for a little while. She spent most of our time outside fascinated by the chickens and the way they eat the weeds I gave them.

She is an outside girl. The high temperature today was 72 but the sunshine made it feel warm. This evening as the sun went down I felt really chilly but when I brought Evy inside after playing on the slide until my back wore out she cried to go back outside.    And of course she got her way so we wrapped in blankets and sat out in the patio to watch the birds until mom came.
With darkness coming after 9:00 now it doesn't give much time after we get inside to get anything done but blogging before bedtime.
Going to bed earlier to rest up for another busy day tomorrow.
Grateful to God tonight for the many wonderful blessings of this day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Glad to hear your eye check up went well. I just had mine too but my eyes hadn't changed so no new glasses for me. Isn't it nice to be able to sit outside at night and just watch nature go by? God has so blessed us with some nice weather. Blessings