Monday, June 16, 2014


Today started early with daughter knocking on the door at 6:45.  She was taking an exam in one of her on-line classes and needed to do it on my desktop computer.  She had to get here early because she is going with the church youth to e-camp at Myrtle Beach again this year.  #1 son and g-son are also going to help chaperone, #1 son was needed to pull the trailer with all the luggage in it. They have 29 people going and at least one more coming later in the week.
Daughter finished her test and headed out to pick up #1 son and g-son just before 8:00.
I had been a dozing  in and out ever since she got here so I decided to just get up before I fell back into a deeper sleep now that the house was quiet again.
It was sunny and already very warm as I did my morning chores.  I had breakfast and then took a nice walk.  It seems very strange to not have any little ones around today.
Rebekah and Aaron had to make a trip to Ohio to attend Rebekah's grandmothers funeral who died last Thursday. They left early Sunday morning and made it up there around 4:00 in the afternoon.
So d-in-love, hubbie and I are holding down the fort while everyone else is gone right now.
I checked with daughter around 10am to see how far they had gotten and she said to the end of the road we live on !!!!  There was a mix up with one of the borrowed vans and they had to go to Brevard to get it, so they left 1 1/2 hours later than scheduled.
I took the opportunity to clean g-son's room while he is not here this morning.  I threw away alot of broken and lost parts toys. Shhhhh!!!   Don't tell him !!!
I even went through the toy box in the living room !!
Clouds took over the sky by the time I had lunch.  I could hear thunder but the storms went south and east of us today, thankfully.
I went outside and worked in the yard for a while, pulling weeds from my flower beds and re-potting a bunch of Aloe plant that is out growing its container. I filled all the pots I had and need to get some more.
All this rain is sure making weeds and all kinds of unwanted things grow faster than my flowers.
At least with the sun not beating down it was comfortable working outside.
Checked with daughter again and they were slowing down because #1 son was afraid the van they were pulling the trailer with was going to overheat.
Hubbie worked today for his first summer schedule of Fridays off.  The school district shuts everything down completely on Fridays to conserve energy. He also gets off 30 minutes earlier which is nice.
When he got home we watched the news then both went to work in the garden. He sprayed insecticide and I pulled some collard greens that have seen better days to feed to the appreciative chickens.
Daughter texted and said they all finally arrived at the hotel in Myrtle Beach around 5:00 this evening.  Hubbie will take the truck on Friday and meet them somewhere before they come up the mountain so he can pull the trailer up with his truck.
Hubbie and I both worked outside until dark tonight. My back is hurting from lifting some things I shouldn't have this morning so I am getting to bed early.
Back in June of 1954 things were sad as my mother's father died that month.
I remember back then after every burial my mom and aunts would go back to the grave to make photos of the flowers that were there.  That was back in the days when the only thing folks did was send flowers.
Of course my Aunt Carol (mom's sister who lived in Michigan) and her family came down for the funeral.  This is Aunt Carol and her kids in the boat with my dad on the pond he had just built.

It is coincidence that my mother was pregnant with me, her first child and I was pregnant with #1 son, my first child when both our fathers passed away.
Praising God tonight for this blessed day and thanking Him for watching over the church youth and their chaperones as they traveled today.  May they glorify His name and teach the love of God to these teenagers during this week.
Good Night and God Bless.

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