Thursday, June 19, 2014


Thankful for a good night's sleep last night I was up early to get ready for market.  There is so much animosity going on at market right now that I don't look forward to going anymore.  Every time in years past that business slows the bickering starts but this time seems to be the worst I've seen. I stay at my booth and don't engage in any of it but just knowing it is going on is stressful. I also see the stares of other vendors when I have large orders picked up making me feel sad instead of happy for my business.  Oh well maybe it will get better.  There is a movement by some of the newer and some surprisingly older vendors to sell the market so that is another separating issue between vendors right now. This market has been a staple in this town for 90 years this month it would be sad to see it sold.
Getting  into market on time this morning the parking lot was pretty empty.
I am typing this as I sit waiting for my first customer and it is already 10:30.
I guess many of the vendors are feeling the same stress as I am because there is not many vendors even here today.   I am thankful for the few things I did sell. 
After market I went to the bank, P.O., Sav Mor, Aldi and Walmart on the way home. Walmart was my last stop and as I went through the check-out I could hear the thunder.  I made it to the van and headed home away from the dark ominous looking storm clouds.
When I got here the wind picked up  and I thought we were in for a major storm.  I unloaded all the things into the basement in a hurry ahead of the rain.
We only got a sprinkle as we watched the storm move to the south and west of our area once again.
I-26 divides Henderson county and today all the rain stayed on the west side away from us.
 There were trees down and power lines down where the storms passed and early this evening there were over 2500 people without power in those areas.
We watched the dark clouds move on before we went out to do the chores a little late.  The misty rain was still falling.
As I fed the pair of quail their afternoon clover I noticed the female is setting on a bunch of eggs in the back of their little house. Usually quail won't set in captivity but this little quail has always been a little out of the ordinary as I had to nurse her back to health after another female quail I had in the same cage attacked her.  It will be interesting to see if anything hatches from her efforts. I think the eggs she has gathered under her would be too old for hatching but we will see.
Daughter sent me some pics of g-son today at Broadway at the Beach amusement park. We made the same pics back in May of 2009 when g-son was 2 years old at the same place, there is quite a difference !
I remember he was afraid to get on these animal until Aunt T would get on too protect him.
 No protector needed any more !!!  Haha the thing I noticed in these pics are now his legs are as long as his Aunt T's !!

Love these comparisons !!!!!!! My baby boy has grown up on me !!!
They are having great weather ,just hot !!  Looks like they are having a great time as well.
Getting to bed early tonight expecting a busy day tomorrow as always on Friday.
Grateful for the blessings of today and thankful for the graciousness of our loving Lord.  Praying tonight for safe travel tomorrow for the youth and their leaders as they head home.  Also praying for safe travel for #2 son and his friend Trey, as they travel back and forth from  Trey's house at Lake Bowen,S .C.  getting his furniture moved to his house up here and doing some work down there to get the SC house ready to rent.
Good Night and God Bless.

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