Friday, June 27, 2014


Mama said there'd be days like this !!!
This old saying definitely rings home to me this morning.  Awakened at 5 am by a very sick dog, Bernie this time. He was profusely vomiting blood and when he would try to have a bowel movement only drops of a bloody gel would come out.  Luckily we got him outside for most of this mess.
We noticed last night he threw up a glob of green grass but didn't thing much about it because that is how dogs cure their upset tummies, they eat grass.
Thankfully he stopped vomiting and drank water, an entire bowl full.
G-son arrived and I took him to meet his ride for his last day at Cub Scout camp.
Back home as soon as the vet's office opened I called and they said bring Bernie in ASAP.
I hadn't eaten any breakfast so hubbie ,who thankfully is off today, took him on to the vet.
He hasn't thrown up anymore blood ,just the water he drank and promptly drank another 1/2 bowl full but seemed to be keeping that down.
  I did chores and vacuumed and changed the furniture covers in the living room while waiting to hear from hubbie.
When the call came it wasn't from hubbie but the vet, Beverly who is a friend of mine. She said Bernie had gotten into some kind of poison and he was a really sick dog.  She wanted to hook fluids up and give him a series of shots to try to get the vomiting stopped.  Sooooo,  hubbie admitted him to the hospital and came home.
We racked our brains trying to think of something he could have gotten into.  While we were walking around outside my brother who now is also off on Friday's said he had just heard a car crash about our driveway.
We went down to check it out and found our mailboxes broken off the post.

No one was there but the track of the car was evident as it has gotten in this ditch and jumped across the drive into our mailboxes.

Hubbie fortunately could fix the boxes and he found another post so all we lost was several hours of his time fixing them back up.
Grrrrrrr ,   I hate when people know they damage your property and don't stop. One more week hopefully and this road will be closed and when they open it back up it will be changed forever and this curve will be gone.
Back at the house I had a quick lunch and tackled my cake baking for the day. I baked 12 caramel,4 chocolate, 1 coconut and 4 pound cakes.
By the time I finished all these the promised rain had started, just a nice slow rain without any thunder or lightening.
Hubbie came in from working in the garden and said he thought he knew what made Bernie sick.  He had sprayed the tomatoes with calcium/ chloride spray to stop the blossom end rot and he thought Bernie had eaten some of the grass under the plants where the spray had dripped.  He would have been attracted to the saltyness of the grass.  I called the vet's office to tell them this in case it might make a difference in his treatment.   A calcium imbalance could explain his excessive thirst and the irregular heart beat the vet heard.
D-in-love sent me this picture of g-son's closing ceremony at the scout camp. His "Wolf" age group received their patches for the completion of camp, he is the third from left.

I sat down to watch the rain and took a short nap before it was chore time .
We got 6/10ths inch of rain in the gauge from the afternoon rain.
After chores and supper I spent the evening icing cakes.
I have really missed Bernie today, I get aggravated at his barking at everything but a couple times today I was surprised by people walking into the house without any warning. Bernie's sense of hearing is so keen he will bark when a car just starts up our driveway.
I was going to call and check on him this evening but when I woke from my nap the office had already closed for the day.
Sleep good sweet Bernie and I pray that you are back to your old self in the morning and ready to come home.
Good Night and God Bless.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Poor Bernie, strange that he would be attracted to that grass that had been sprayed..dogs you never can tell:(

Sandy said...

Oh poor little Bernie! I'm glad the Vet is taking care of him and getting him back up to speed to come home. Bless his little heart!

I don't understand people who leave the scene of an accident. They should have at least stayed and paid for the damage.