Sunday, June 1, 2014


June 2014 started out feeling not so much like summer is here this morning as the day is cool and cloudy.
Church was good today. #1 son helped Rebekah in the nursery because Aaron is having to work today planting soybeans.
We had everyone for lunch except Aaron who is too far away today to run in for lunch.
G-son and Evy spent some time after lunch "just a swingin"  .

He loves her and even gave her part of his lunch since she thought his looked better than hers !!
Hubbie has got to put up a couple more swing hooks so they can swing side by side.
After everyone left hubbie worked on a screen door that won't close all the way and I decided to give this bed of Oregano a haircut.
 Now I have several boxes of drying Oregano to replenish my supply at market and the bed is ready to grow again.
I did chores a little early because (#1) Flash the basset hound is going to the vet early in the morning to get neutered and can't have any food or water after 6:00 this evening and (#2) Rebekah is going to work tonight and Aaron needs to do some fence work so Evy is coming to play with hubbie and me for a while.
She loves to play with these little links that snap together but hubbie showed her an even funnier thing to do with them.

She is such a happy child and is a joy to have around.

We had a good laugh when she watched some kids with horses on TV, they were talking to their horses to get acquainted with them before their ride so Evy went behind the chair and got her horse and did the same thing to it.
She jabbered the entire time she was here, I would love to read her mind and know what she was trying to say !!
Her dad finished his work and they went home to get an early bedtime.
Hubbie and I spent the remainder of the evening sitting out in the patio to watch the sunset on this first day of June which ended a little less cloudy than it began but still pretty cool.
Thankful for this blessed Sunday filled with undeserved blessings from an awesome Heavenly Father.
Good Night and God Bless.


linda m said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me. God bless you.

Gail said...

A great day!

I think children this age just soak up knowledge and experience like a sponge.

Betsy Adams said...

Amazing how Evi and her parents now 'seem' to be just part of your family.. If I am not mistaken, didn't they move into your son's house as a rental for them? AND--you didn't know them until then.. Right????? BUT now--you'd think they were just a part of your wonderful family... How awesome is that!!!!