Saturday, May 31, 2014


The last day of May 2014 was a busy one for me.  Waking up a bit early as g-son thought he was late for school and in a groggy, sleepy headed panic at about 7:45.
By the time we got him assured this was Saturday we were all wide awake but it was time to get up by then.
We made it to market and got things set up before any customers showed up today.  G-son had his friend helping him with the computer games again.

They are becoming quite the pair !!
Daughter came out and helped sell during the busiest time this morning before going to Asheville to meet a friend for the afternoon.
Pawpaw and g-son left at lunchtime to go shopping and have lunch of his favorite pizza at Sam's Club.
I was left alone but business had ground to a complete halt by this time and the customers very few until closing time.
I stopped by the kids clothing sale my niece is giving at the Opportunity House on the way home. I found a few items for both g-son and little Evy.  Her and her mom shopped yesterday but I went back today to their 1/2 price sale.
They had a lot of merchandise for their first sale and it was all clean and good quality stuff. This is their website name, check them out and if you live in the area watch for notice of the next sale.

I stopped by Aldi and the Farm Outlet on the way home and made it here around 4:30.
#1 son came in right behind me from working all day. He stayed a little while and let g-son play with a construction game I bought him at the sale.
After they left hubbie and I watched the news then did chores, had supper and took a nice relaxing break out on the patio watching the sun go down. It has been a cool, only 73 degrees and cloudy day all day today.
This month of May has been a busy month of planting and getting into some new routines as business picks up at market. Our garden is beautiful this year and we are enjoying all the spring vegetables from it each day. The weather has been pretty tame around here with rain mostly when we needed it and periods of heat and cool during the month.  "Blackberry winter" passed without too much damage and temps only getting into the upper 30's a couple nights.
#1 son and d-in-love have been working Saturday jobs to pick up extra money and that gives hubbie and I extra g-son time which we love.
#2 son has settled into his newest home and seems to be very satisfied with this one.
Daughter is finishing up her first year of teaching high school and has started the online courses she needs to get her license along with all the other things in her busy lifestyle.
For hubbie and I this has been a pretty routine month and we have enjoyed the beginning of warm weather many nights sitting outside drinking our hot drinks and watching the sunsets. I went on a weight loss program suggested by my doctor and have already lost 12 pounds so I am happy about that, only about 10 more pounds to go to reach my goal.
This has been a good day and I am thankful to my loving Lord for all His graciousness each day.
Good Night and God Bless.

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linda m said...

Congratulations on your loss of 12 pounds. I am so proud of you. Blessings